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Pandora Music image

Pandora Music

Use Pandora to instantly listen to music you love!

Pandora is a free app that lets you customize radio stations according to your preferences; you can ...

 |  Internet Radio Free

Spotify Music image

Spotify Music

Spotify: Music, music and more music!

With Spotify you can listen to thousands of songs directly from your device, all you need is an Internet ...

 |  Spotify Free

YouTube Music image

YouTube Music

All the music from Youtube on your phone!

Access the entire catalog of YouTube and listen to music, watch music videos and stream them on your ...

 |  Youtube Free

SoundCloud - Music & Audio image

SoundCloud - Music & Audio 2017.06.12

Listen to your favorite music on your mobile

SoundCloud is a free app that lets you listen to music and share your favorite songs easily, wherever ...

 |  Music Free

Amazon Echo image

Amazon Echo 1.0.205

Get this app to better enjoy your Amazon echo

Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Categories: Android apps, Music, Shopping , Online Shops, Amazon

 |  Amazon Free

Sing! Karaoke by Smule image

Sing! Karaoke by Smule 4.4.9

Test your ability to sing on your Android

With Sing! Karaoke you can sing your favorite songs chosen from a huge catalog of greatest hits, and ...

 |  Playlist Free

Shazam - Discover Music image

Shazam - Discover Music

Essential for anybody who loves music

Shazam is a free Android application, essential for anybody who enjoys music. With this tool it is ...

 |  Music Search Free

Magic Piano by Smule image

Magic Piano by Smule 2.8.1

Play piano like a pro musician with this cool game

Play your favorite songs in an interactive and super fun game. Through simple gestures on the device's ...

 |  Piano Free

Apple Music image

Apple Music 1.2.1

Listen to your favorite songs & artists anytime

Enjoy and download your favorite music in the best quality right on your Android. Download songs and ...

 |  Playlist Free

Simple Radio by Streema image

Simple Radio by Streema 1.7.3

A simple way to listen to your favorite FM and AM radio

Quick and easy access to thousands of radio stations playing 24 hours a day excellent audio quality.

 |  Radio Stations Free

GO Music Beta image

GO Music Beta 1.01

Play various kinds of audio files without hustle

A music player that lets you listen to all your audio files in the best possible quality offering you a ...

 |  Audio Manager Free

Free Music Player: MixerBox image

Free Music Player: MixerBox 5.95

Listen to Youtube non-stop with this MixerBox

Developer: MixerBox© Inc.
Categories: Music Player, Music Search, Music Videos, Video, Youtube

 |  Youtube Free

Audiomack Hip-Hop, EDM, Reggae image

Audiomack Hip-Hop, EDM, Reggae 3.1.3

Stream & download your favourite music

Developer: Audiomack
Categories: Android apps, Music

 |  Music Free

Deezer image


Access to over 20 million songs

Deezer is a music app that gives you access to over 30 thematic radio channels, letting you listen and ...

 |  Playlist Free

Amazon Music with Prime Music image

Amazon Music with Prime Music 5.1.1

Listen to your music anywhere you go with Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3 is a widget with which you can access all Amazon audio content from the site with a few taps ...

 |  Amazon Free

BBC iPlayer Radio image

BBC iPlayer Radio 2.13.4

Developer: Media Applications Technologies for the BBC
Categories: BBC Radio, Lifestyle, Music, Radio, Radio Stations

 |  BBC Radio Free

Capital FM Radio App image

Capital FM Radio App

Access the largest British radio on your phone!

Developer: Global Radio
Categories: Android apps, Music

 |  Music Free

Free Music ! image

Free Music ! 1.0.0

Find and listen to new music on this amazing player

Developer: Free Music - Enjoy
Categories: Android apps, Music

 |  Music Free

MX Player image

MX Player

Watch your videos with greater speed and quality

MX Player is a video player that takes full advantage of your device to show movies in high quality.

 |  Music Free

Heart Radio App image

Heart Radio App

Tune into your favorite radio stations for awesome music

Developer: Global Radio
Categories: Heart, Lifestyle, Medical, Music, Radio

 |  Heart Free

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords image

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

Learn your favorite songs' chords

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is a portable version of the best catalog of chords in the world and ...

 |  Chords US$ 2.99

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker image

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker 2

A modern and complete music player

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker is a music app that unlocks all features of the Poweramp music player.

 |  Music Player US$ 3.99

Equalizer FX image

Equalizer FX 3.0

Developer: devdnua
Categories: Android apps, Music

 |  Music Free

FL Studio Mobile image

FL Studio Mobile 3.1.36

Create and record your ideas and musical projects

Developer: Image-Line
Categories: Android apps, Music

 |  Music US$ 20.42

Songsterr Guitar Tabs image

Songsterr Guitar Tabs 1.9.6

Learn to play chords/tabs in a snap

Songsterr provides thousands of guitar tablature for stringed instruments (cello, guitar, double bass, ...

 |  Music US$ 9.99

TonalEnergy Tuner image

TonalEnergy Tuner 1.0.2

A great must-have tool for musicians of all instruments

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Music US$ 1.99

BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA License image

BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA License 1.6.1

Download and get rid of the ads on your BubbleUPnP

Developer: Bubblesoft
Categories: Android apps, Music

 |  Music US$ 4.69

djay 2 image

djay 2 2.2.6

Turn your Android device into a full fledged DJ system

Developer: Algoriddim
Categories: Android apps, Music

 |  Music US$ 2.99

Sonos Controller for Android image

Sonos Controller for Android 7.1

Controller for the Sonos app for Android

Developer: Sonos, Inc
Categories: Android apps, Music

 |  Music Free

3D Surround Music Player image

3D Surround Music Player 1.7.01

Experience incredible 3D sound effects!

Android-powered phones and tablets.

 |  Music Player Free

GO Music Player PLUS image

GO Music Player PLUS 1.0.2

Play high-quality music from the palm of your hand!

Developer: GO Dev Team @ Android
Categories: Android apps, Music, Audio, Music Player, Playlist

 |  Playlist Free

Audio Beats -Beta Music Player image

Audio Beats -Beta Music Player

Listen to music with a modern and stylish player

Audio Beats is the perfect choice to play your favorite music on Android.

 |  Music Player Free

KKBOX image


Your favorite songs & artists on your Smartphone

KKBOX has millions of songs in streaming and is also ideal for learning your favorite songs as it ...

 |  Music Player Free

djay FREE - DJ,Mix Remix Music image

djay FREE - DJ,Mix Remix Music 2.2.6

Become a DJ from your Android device!

Exercise your DJ skills by mixing your favorite songs on Android.

 |  Music Free

PlayView image

PlayView 10.0.1

Stream loads of movies and TV shows from your Android

Developer: You Peliculas
Categories: Audio, Media - Video , Music, Video, Video Downloader

 |  Video Downloader Free

Lark Video & Music Player image

Lark Video & Music Player 1.7.7

Play high quality music on your Android device

This audio and video player is the perfect app to enjoy songs and music videos on your device.

 |  Music Player Free

Tubidy Mobile image

Tubidy Mobile 1.0

Search, find & download MP3 files!

Developer: Daniel Wijaya
Categories: Android apps, Music

 |  Music Free

Relaxing Sounds for Me image

Relaxing Sounds for Me 1.3

Sleep better than ever with Relaxing Sounds

A compilation of relaxing sounds including beautiful audios extracted from nature.

 |  Sleep Music Free

SUPER PADS - Hits image

SUPER PADS - Hits 1.2

Playing your favorite songs has never been easier!

With this digital drum set you can play the greatest hits of the moment or create your own rhythms

 |  Drums Free

Spinrilla image

Spinrilla 1.2.3

The best hip-hop remixes on your Android

A music player with which you can access hundreds of hip hop mixes and find your favorite artists from ...

 |  Playlist Free

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