Best Pacman apps for Android (14 games)

Pacman Classic  APK

Pacman Classic

Your mission is to eat all the fruit before you get caught!

Categories: Android games, Arcade Games , Pacman

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Join Pac-Man in his new bubble-shooting adventure!

Pac-Man is back once again, but this time his mission is to shoot bubbles rather than to eat them, in ...

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Arcade Game Room  APK

Arcade Game Room

Experience the thrill of classic arcade games

Android phones and tablets.

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Hero arcade player  APK

Hero arcade player

Play arcade classics on your Android device!

Android phones.

 |  Platform Games Free

PAC-MAN Championship Ed. Lite  APK

PAC-MAN Championship Ed. Lite

Get this new version of PAC-MAN for your Android

Developer: Namco Networks
Categories: Android games, Action Games, Arcade Games , Pacman

 |  Pacman Free

PAC-MAN Kart Rally by Namco  APK

PAC-MAN Kart Rally by Namco

Speed ??and reflexes get tested

In a unique combination of Pac-Man and Mario Kart, Pac-Man Kart Rally is a fun racing game in which ...

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Ms. PAC-MAN by Namco

Ms. PAC-MAN by Namco

Relive the action with the king of arcade games!

Developer: Namco Networks
Categories: Android games, Action Games, Arcade Games , Pacman

 |  Pacman US$ 2.99

115 Games IN 1  APK

115 Games IN 1

Play dozens of NES classics on your smartphone!

Developer: Mari Game
Categories: Bomberman, Mario Bros, Pacman, Platform Games, Snake Game

 |  Platform Games Free

3D Pacman Farm  APK

3D Pacman Farm

Pacman is ready to start his own farm adventure

Developer: Mutant Bear Games
Categories: Android games, Animal Games, Arcade Games , Farm Games, Pacman

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PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze

PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze

Experience an endless maze with Pac-Man!

Older players can enjoy the taste of nostalgia when playing with this game because the graphics are very ...

 |  Maze Game Free

Reverse Pacman  APK

Reverse Pacman

Hunt the Pacman for a change in this retro video game

Reverse Pacman looks like a classic game of Pacman with the ghosts chasing the Pacman as he eats his way ...

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Developer: Happy Droids
Categories: Android games, Arcade Games , Pacman, Skill Games, Stress Games

 |  Stress Games Free

Ms. PAC-MAN Demo by Namco

Ms. PAC-MAN Demo by Namco

Ms. PAC-MAN is ready to take down some evil ghosts

Ms. PAC-MAN Demo by Namco is a classic arcade game in which the main character is Ms. PAC-MAN, the ...

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PAC-MAN Hats 2

Enjoy the classic game of PAC-MAN on your Android device

A new, fully remastered PAC-MAN with new goal and levels. 

 |  Pacman Free

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