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Microsoft Outlook Preview 2.2.197

Microsoft Outlook Preview 2.2.197

Easily manage your e-mails, calendars and contacts.

It lets you manage your Microsoft Outlook e-mail account on your Android device, to read, send and ...

 |  Calendar Free

Super-Bright LED Flashlight v1.2.2

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Turn your Android into a flashlight

Brightest LED Flashlight is a useful app that lets you use the mobile device as a flashlight.

 |  Flashlight Free

Smart Scan - QR & Barcode Scanner Free 1.1.5

Smart Scan - QR & Barcode Scanner Free 1.1.5

Smart alternative to read barcodes and QR accurately

Developer: Sound Sleep Group
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Utilities, Barcode, Barcode Scanner

 |  Barcode Scanner Free

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher 4.12.0

An elegant launcher developed by Microsoft

In addition to customizing the Android interface, Arrow Launcher also provides easy access to ...

 |  Productivity  Free

Free Ringtones for Android™ 7.1.1

Free Ringtones for Android™ 7.1.1

Download the best ringtones for your mobile

Android phones.

 |  Alarm Clocks Free

Microsoft Word 16.0.10325.20043

Microsoft Word 16.0.10325

Now you can create Word documents on Android devices.

Officer users can now rely on Word to create documents on their Android tablets, enjoying the many ...

 |  Editing Files Free

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard + GIFs

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard + GIFs 2.2.9

Modern and fun theme for your keyboard

There is nothing more practical and functional than a keyboard full of emoji, emoticons, and stickers.

 |  Type Faster Free

Notepad - Notes with Reminder, ToDo on Lockscreen 1.1.9

Notepad - Notes with Reminder, ToDo on Lockscreen 1.1.9

Manage your notes in one reliable application

Developer: Lemon, Inc
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle, Notepad, Notes, Productivity 

 |  Notepad Free

OneNote 16.0.10325.20024

OneNote 16.0.10325

Never forget anything with the OneNote app

Concentrate all your notes in one app, which can be accessed quickly from the Android whenever you need.

 |  Notes Free

Flash Keyboard Emoji 1.0.1078.0727

Flash Keyboard Emoji 1.0.1078

Equip your Android with this smart and modern keyboard

A smart, easily customizable emoji keyboard.

 |  Keyboard Free

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

The most reliable app to interact with PDF docs

Adobe Reader is a productivity application and a useful and essential tool with which you can not only ...

 |  Pdf Reader Free

Amazon Alexa 2.2.216250.0

Amazon Alexa 2.2.216250

Get this app to better enjoy your Amazon echo

An Amazon Echo add-on that allows you to connect Alexa to your mobile phone.

 |  Amazon Free

My Vodafone 6.5

My Vodafone 6.5

Developer: Vodafone UK Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  Free

HotSchedules 4.87.0-1205

HotSchedules 4.87.0

Access and manage your meetings from your mobile phone

With this app you can manage your schedule and communicate with your work team easily.

 |  Calendar US$ 2.69

Tiny Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan 3.4.6

Tiny Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan 3.4.6

Turn your phone into a small scanner

Developer: Appxy
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 4.99

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO

A great file manager that delivers on its promises!

A practical file manager app that makes it simple to transfer files between devices.

 |  Productivity  US$ 2.99

QR & Barcode Scanner PRO 1.443

QR & Barcode Scanner PRO 1.443

How to use Android as a QR code reader

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Barcode Scanner US$ 2.99

Easy Voice Recorder Pro 2.5.1

Easy Voice Recorder Pro 2.5.1

Make recordings with a single touch

Easy Voice Recorder Pro is a simple, fun and easy-to-use audio app, including a voice recorder for your ...

 |  Voice Recorder US$ 3.39

Call Recorder License - ACR 10.0

Call Recorder License - ACR 10.0

Record conversations on your Android smartphone

Developer: NLL
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 3.99

CamScanner (License) 1.7

CamScanner (License) 1.7

Download CamScanner to scan documents anywhere!

Developer: IntSig Information Co.,Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 1.99

ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji Plus-

ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji

The most advanced keyboard on the market

Developer: A.I.type
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Keyboard, Type Faster

 |  Type Faster US$ 4.49

Site Audit Pro 2.0.0

Site Audit Pro 2.0.0

Developer: Veam Studios Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 15.59

Google Drive

Google Drive 2.18.092

Sharing has never been faster

Google Drive is a productivity application that stores files in one place and allows users to access and ...

 |  Google+ Free

Text Scanner [OCR] 5.0.1

Text Scanner [OCR] 5.0.1

Easily convert an image to text & stop messing with the keyboard!

Scan text and convert almost any image to text.

 |  Productivity  Free

Chrome Beta 69.0.3497.24

Chrome Beta 69.0.3497

Download Chrome Beta for Android systems

Don't miss the opportunity to test Chrome Beta and check out the new features that may or may not be ...

 |  Chrome Free

Ecosia Browser - Fast & Green 3.5.2

Ecosia Browser - Fast & Green 3.5.2

Every time you use the search engine a tree gets planted!

A browser that uses all the income from the ads to plant trees in Brazil.

 |  Utilities Free

Atran - Icon Pack 15.5.0

Atran - Icon Pack 15.5.0

Customize your device with these HD icons!

Developer: Vertumus
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Themes, Utilities, Wallpaper

 |  Utilities US$ 0.79

BZK-ID 1.0.5

BZK-ID 1.0.5

Developer: Morpho
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  Free

Notes by Firefox: A Secure Notepad App 1.0android-c2791

Notes by Firefox: A Secure Notepad App 1.0

A virtual notepad that syncs perfectly with Firefox

Notes is a simple, secure and efficient digital notepad that supports Firefox.

 |  Notepad Free

Root External 2 Internal SD APK

Root External 2 Internal SD 1.6.4

Gain more space by switching internal & external memory

Developer: codlab
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities, Memory Optimizer

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

Gboard - the Google Keyboard

Gboard - the Google Keyboard

The official Google keyboard on your Android

Besides being beautifully elegant, the Google keyboard allows users to quickly enter text and use ...

 |  Google Chat Free

Mobizen for Samsung

Mobizen for Samsung 3.4.3

Mobile to PC screen monitoring, for Samsung devices

Count on this awesome app to record your performance in games and share videos on YouTube!

 |  Productivity  Free

Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone 1.0.189786363 APK

Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone 1.0.204375696

Another amazing Google tool for your Android

Free up memory and keep your files organized.

 |  Data Files Free

Google One 1.0.197473691

Google One 1.0.197473691

Stay organized as you manage your Google apps

Developer: Google LLC
Categories: Google Chat, Productivity , Search Engine, Social Networking, Social 

 |  Google+ Free

Pet's diary 1.0.4

Pet's diary 1.0.4

Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle, Productivity , Personal Diary, Virtual Assistant

 |  Virtual Assistant Free

Master for Minecraft-Launcher 2.1.69

Master for Minecraft-Launcher 2.1.69

An perfect launcher for Minecraft fans

This is an unofficial tool with which you can manage all the elements in your Minecraft Pocket Edition ...

 |  Utilities Free

Polaris Viewer - PDF, Docs, Sheets, Slide Reader 1.1.4

Polaris Viewer - PDF, Docs, Sheets, Slide Reader 1.1.4

Developer: Infraware Inc.
Categories: Books, Pdf Reader, Productivity , e-Reader, eBook

 |  Pdf Reader Free

GO Keyboard - Emoji, Wallpaper v3.20

GO Keyboard - Emoji, Wallpaper

Install this keyboard which is different from others

With the GO Keyboard keyboard you can speed up writing thanks to an intuitive prediction on a large ...

 |  Keyboard Free

File Manager (File transfer) v2.7.4

File Manager (File transfer)

Files and folders area easy to organize

File Manager is a utility application that allows the user to organize all sorts of files and contents ...

 |  File Manager Free

ES File Explorer  File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager 4.1.8

Simple and user-friendly interface

Lets you manage all your documents and mobile apps on your mobile phone and those that you have stored ...

 |  Zip Files Free

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