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APUS Booster+ (cache clear) 2.5.2

APUS Booster+ (cache clear) 2.5.2

Boost your Android phone's performance to the max

Developer: Apus Group
Categories: Mobile security, Password, Productivity , Tools , Utilities

 |  Password Free

Microsoft Outlook Preview 2.2.105

Microsoft Outlook Preview 2.2.105

Easily manage your e-mails, calendars and contacts.

It lets you manage your Microsoft Outlook e-mail account on your Android device, to read, send and ...

 |  Calendar Free

Emoji Keyboard-Emoticons,Color

Emoji Keyboard-Emoticons,Color 5.5.8

Download extra smileys for your Android phone's keyboard

Access, on your smartphone's keyboard, an incredible variety of smileys and emojis to make your emails ...

 |  Emoticons Free

Segurança + Antivirus Grátis 2.1.1

Segurança + Antivirus Grátis 2.1.1

Leave your phone on the hanger with PSafe Suite

The Android PSafe Suite is already a renowned antivirus that brings, to the Android, a security and ...

 |  Anti Theft Free

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher 4.6.1

An elegant launcher developed by Microsoft

In addition to customizing the Android interface, Arrow Launcher also provides easy access to ...

 |  Productivity  Free

TouchPal Keyboard-Cute emoji,theme, sticker, gif

TouchPal Keyboard-Cute emoji,theme, sticker, gif 6.5.6

Input text quickly and accurately

TouchPal Keyboard is an app that customizes the mobile device keyboard and lets you write text quickly ...

 |  Keyboard Free

Microsoft Word 16.0.9029.2068

Microsoft Word 16.0.9029

Now you can create Word documents on Android devices.

Officer users can now rely on Word to create documents on their Android tablets, enjoying the many ...

 |  Editing Files Free

Google Docs

Google Docs 1.18.012

The way to edit documents that Google offers

With the official Google Docs app, you can create and edit documents in Word, Excel or Powerpoint ...

 |  Google+ Free

Super-Bright LED Flashlight 1.0.7

Super-Bright LED Flashlight 1.0.7

Turn your Android into a flashlight

Brightest LED Flashlight is a useful app that lets you use the mobile device as a flashlight.

 |  Flashlight Free

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa 1.0.205

Get this app to better enjoy your Amazon echo

Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Categories: Music, Online Shops, Productivity , Shopping , Virtual Assistant

 |  Amazon Free

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

The most reliable app to interact with PDF docs

Adobe Reader is a productivity application and a useful and essential tool with which you can not only ...

 |  Pdf Reader Free

Flash Keyboard Emoji 1.0.1052.0205

Flash Keyboard Emoji 1.0.1052

Equip your Android with this smart and modern keyboard

A smart, easily customizable emoji keyboard.

 |  Keyboard Free

SuperB Cleaner (Boost & Clean) 2.0.5

SuperB Cleaner (Boost & Clean) 2.0.5

Improve the performance of your Android!

The SuperB Cleaner is able to optimize your device performance as it identifies the apps that consume ...

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

HP Print Service Plugin 3.4-2.3.0-14-17.2.17-161

HP Print Service Plugin 3.4

Keep your HP printer always updated!

Developer: Hewlett-Packard Company
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Data Files, Printing

 |  Printing Free

HotSchedules 4.72.0-1158

HotSchedules 4.72.0

Access and manage your meetings from your mobile phone

With this app you can manage your schedule and communicate with your work team easily.

 |  Calendar US$ 2.99

Tiny Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan 3.4.6

Tiny Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan 3.4.6

Turn your phone into a small scanner

Developer: Appxy
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 4.99

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO

A great file manager that delivers on its promises!

A practical file manager app that makes it simple to transfer files between devices.

 |  Productivity  US$ 2.99

Swype Keyboard

Swype Keyboard

Convert your vocabulary and learn on your smartphone

With Swype, an app to customize the keyboard smartphone, the user can type words with incredible speed.

 |  Productivity  US$ 0.99

Call Recorder License - ACR 10.0

Call Recorder License - ACR 10.0

Record conversations on your Android smartphone

Developer: NLL
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 3.99

CamScanner (License) 1.7

CamScanner (License) 1.7

Download CamScanner to scan documents anywhere!

Developer: IntSig Information Co.,Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 1.99

Easy Voice Recorder Pro 2.4.5

Easy Voice Recorder Pro 2.4.5

Make recordings with a single touch

Easy Voice Recorder Pro is a simple, fun and easy-to-use audio app, including a voice recorder for your ...

 |  Voice Recorder US$ 3.99

Pixel Icon Pack - Apex/Nova/Go 4.7

Pixel Icon Pack - Apex/Nova/Go 4.7

Get cool icons on your Android screen

This is a large collection of icons with which you can customize your phone so you can perfectly imitate ...

 |  Launchers US$ 0.99

Work Log Pro 3.0

Work Log Pro 3.0

Track your shift hours and more with Work Log Pro

Developer: AR Productions
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 2.99

Site Audit Pro 2.0.0

Site Audit Pro 2.0.0

Developer: Veam Studios Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 15.59

QR Code Reader 2.6.1

QR Code Reader 2.6.1

A QR code reader that's fast and efficient

Developer: TWMobile
Categories: QR Code Reader, Tools , Utilities, e-Reader, eBook

 |  QR Code Reader Free

Blue Mail - Email Mailbox

Blue Mail - Email Mailbox 1.9.3

Manage all your email account from one app

Manage multiple email accounts in one place.

 | Free

Samsung Notes 1.1.00-27

Samsung Notes 1.1.00

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Agenda, Notes

 |  Notes Free

Smart Kit 360 1.7.1

Smart Kit 360 1.7.1

A multi-functional app with plenty of tools!

32 applications are contained within this one tiny app including a notepad, compass, mirror, calculator, ...

 |  Translator Free

Doodle - Easy Scheduling 4.12.0

Doodle - Easy Scheduling 4.12.0

Plan meetings and organize your day with doodle

Android smartphones.

 |  Productivity  Free

CM Security Antivirus AppLock v4.4.0

CM Security Antivirus AppLock

The fastest and safest Antivirus for your Android devices

This is an antivirus to help you keep your mobile clean of viruses, Trojans, and spyware, and avoid ...

 |  Antivirus Free

Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2017 4.3

Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2017 4.3

Complete security solution for your Android

Free Tablet AntiVirus is a free app to protect Android tablets from all kinds of malicious content, ...

 |  Antivirus Free

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) 8.2.7

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) 8.2.7

Share photos, videos, contacts, apps and more!

Runs on Android phones or tablets.

 |  Productivity  Free

Easy Resume Builder App 1.3.6

Easy Resume Builder App 1.3.6

Create the perfect resume using this free, lightweight app.

 |  Tools  Free

Doctor Clean - Speed Booster 2.1.4

Doctor Clean - Speed Booster 2.1.4

Clean junk files, improve speed, and save battery life.

You'll be able to optimize the performance of your Android with this app. Improve the speed and overall ...

 |  Battery Saver Free

Opera Mini web browser 32.0.2254.123747

Opera Mini web browser 32.0.2254

With Opera Mini you can save data while browsing!

Opera Mini preserves the features that popularized the main app but is lighter and introduces a ...

 |  Opera Browser Free

Calculator 7.2.1

Calculator 7.2.1

A light, elegant and functional calculator!

This is the official Google calculator for Android with which you can perform all types of mathematical ...

 |  Simple Calculator Free

[Official] Samsung TouchWiz Home

[Official] Samsung TouchWiz Home 6.1.58

A useful tool to enhance your Samsung experience!

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  Free

Device Maintenance

Device Maintenance 1.5.10

Keep your Android in working condition with this maintenance app

It is a virtual assistant for Samsung phones that allow you to know the performance of the device as ...

 |  Anti Malware Free

Samsung Keyboard

Samsung Keyboard 2.0.21

Fully functional virtual keyboard

Keyboard for Samsung phones that makes it easier to type without making mistakes.

 |  Word Prediction Free

Cartoon Keyboard Theme

Cartoon Keyboard Theme 1.279.13

Make typing on your phone more exciting!

A retro theme, inspired by the classic cartoons, to personalize your Android keyboard.

 |  Keyboard Free

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