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Super-Bright LED Flashlight image

Super-Bright LED Flashlight 1.0.7

Turn your Android into a flashlight

Brightest LED Flashlight is a useful app that lets you use the mobile device as a flashlight.

 |  Flashlight Free

Segurança + Antivirus Grátis image

Segurança + Antivirus Grátis 2.1.1

Leave your phone on the hanger with PSafe Suite

The Android PSafe Suite is already a renowned antivirus that brings, to the Android, a security and ...

 |  Anti Theft Free

Emoji Keyboard-Emoticons,Color image

Emoji Keyboard-Emoticons,Color 4.2.2

Download extra smileys for your Android phone's keyboard

Access, on your smartphone's keyboard, an incredible variety of smileys and emojis to make your emails ...

 |  Emoticons Free

Microsoft Outlook Preview image

Microsoft Outlook Preview 2.1.219

Easily manage your e-mails, calendars and contacts.

It lets you manage your Microsoft Outlook e-mail account on your Android device, to read, send and ...

 |  Calendar Free

Panda Keyboard(Theme+Emoji) image

Panda Keyboard(Theme+Emoji) 1.6.3

Check out this really cool Panda keyboard!

Android-powered phones and tablets.

 |  Keyboard Free

Microsoft Word image

Microsoft Word 16.0.3601

Now you can create Word documents on Android devices.

Officer users can now rely on Word to create documents on their Android tablets, enjoying the many ...

 |  Editing Files Free

Hi Keyboard - Emoji,Theme image

Hi Keyboard - Emoji,Theme 1.01

A keyboard equipped with smileys, emoticons and more!

Android smartphones or tablets.

 |  Keyboard Free

Tap Emoji Keyboard image

Tap Emoji Keyboard 1.0.1077

Spot-on word prediction & 400+ emoji & stickers!

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Keyboard Free

Google Docs image

Google Docs

The way to edit documents that Google offers

With the official Google Docs app, you can create and edit documents in Word, Excel or Powerpoint ...

 |  Google+ Free

Flash Keyboard image

Flash Keyboard 1.0.10126

Customize your Android experience with this keyboard!

A keyboard with lots of configuration options which can be easily customized to your liking, providing a ...

 |  Type Faster Free

CM Security Antivirus AppLock image

CM Security Antivirus AppLock

The fastest and safest Antivirus for your Android devices

This is an antivirus to help you keep your mobile clean of viruses, Trojans, and spyware, and avoid ...

 |  Antivirus Free

Adobe Reader image

Adobe Reader

The most reliable app to interact with PDF docs

Adobe Reader is a productivity application and a useful and essential tool with which you can not only ...

 |  Pdf Reader Free

My Vodafone image

My Vodafone 6.5

Developer: Vodafone UK Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  Free

Google Calendar image

Google Calendar 201404014

Sync your device with Google using Google Calendar

Use your smartphone to check professional or social gatherings, in addition to displaying the exact ...

 |  Google+ Free

Microsoft Excel Preview image

Microsoft Excel Preview 16.0.3601

Edit an Excel spreadsheet remotely from your Android

Increase your productivity by downloading the MS Office Excel application for tablets; you can create ...

 |  Productivity  Free

Dropbox image

Dropbox 50.2.2

Take your files anywhere.

Dropbox is a free service that allows you to store all your pictures, documents and videos anywhere you ...

 |  File Sharing Free

HotSchedules image

HotSchedules 4.57.0

Access and manage your meetings from your mobile phone

Developer: HotSchedules
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 2.99

QR & Barcode Scanner PRO image

QR & Barcode Scanner PRO 1.443

How to use Android as a QR code reader

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Barcode Scanner Free

ES File Explorer Pro image

ES File Explorer Pro

A great file manager that delivers on its promises!

A practical file manager app that makes it simple to transfer files between devices.

 |  Productivity  US$ 2.99

Swype Keyboard image

Swype Keyboard

Convert your vocabulary and learn on your smartphone

With Swype, an app to customize the keyboard smartphone, the user can type words with incredible speed.

 |  Productivity  US$ 3.99

Tiny Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan image

Tiny Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan 3.4.5

Turn your phone into a small scanner

Developer: Appxy
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 3.09

Call Recorder License - ACR image

Call Recorder License - ACR 1.5

Record conversations on your Android smartphone

Developer: NLL
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 2.99

CamScanner(License)PDF Creator image

CamScanner(License)PDF Creator 1.7

Download CamScanner to scan documents anywhere!

Developer: IntSig Information Co.,Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 1.99

Calculator Plus image

Calculator Plus 5.2.6

Calculations at your fingertips!

Calculator Plus lets you do mathematical calculations quickly and easily, saving time and avoiding ...

 |  Productivity  US$ 1.99

Site Audit Pro image

Site Audit Pro 2.0.0

Developer: Veam Studios Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  US$ 15.59

Aqua Mail Pro Key image

Aqua Mail Pro Key 1.0.22

Turn your AquaMail into Pro Lite with this download

Developer: Kostya Vasilyev
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Productivity , Emails,

 | US$ 4.95

Ace File Manager (Explorer) image

Ace File Manager (Explorer) 1.0.2

Easily manage, search and edit your files.

Developer: RadiumDev
Categories: Data Files, File Explorer, File Manager, Productivity , Tools 

 |  File Manager Free

Infinite Painter image

Infinite Painter 5.3.9

Throwaway your sketch-book and start creating now!

Developer: Sean Brakefield
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  Free

Adobe Scan image

Adobe Scan 17.06.02

Powerful scanner that turns anything into a PDF

Developer: Adobe
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  Free

ai.Bot Box image

ai.Bot Box

A virtual assistant that's always ready!

Developer: ai.type
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  Free

Titanium Backup ★ root image

Titanium Backup ★ root 8.0.0

Make a backup of your apps and data

Titanium Backup root is a security app for Android that can do backups of virtually all data from ...

 |  Backup Free

Clean Master (Cleaner) - FREE image

Clean Master (Cleaner) - FREE

Organize and improve your Android's performance

Clean Master (Cleaner) - FREE is designed to help users of Android devices to identify and terminate ...

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

IFTTT image

IFTTT 3.3.1

Manage Internet services and multiple devices with IFFT

IFFT allows you to set a variety of Internet tasks to the app such as Facebook and Gmail. You can ...

 |  Virtual Assistant Free

Socratic - Homework answers image

Socratic - Homework answers 1.2

Get extra help on those complicated math problems!

Socratic works as an assistant for students: it is as easy as taking photo of a question or a ...

 |  Math Free

ABC Keyboard - TouchPal image

ABC Keyboard - TouchPal 6.2.6

Personalize your Android with an intuitive keyboard

ABC TouchPad is a full-featured keyboard with which, among other things, you can write faster or use ...

 |  Word Prediction Free

Sky LED Flashlight Pro image

Sky LED Flashlight Pro 1.19

Always have a powerful flashlight at hand

With this tool you can turn your Android device into a bright and versatile flashlight.

 |  Flashlight Free

Content Transfer image

Content Transfer 3.5.0

Transfer content between two phones vía WiFi!

Developer: Verizon - VZ
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  Free

Google Slides image

Google Slides

Use Google Slides on your Android tablet

Use this Google app to create, edit, and collaborate on group presentations from Android.

 |  Google+ Free

Amaze File Manager image

Amaze File Manager 3.1.2

Easily manage your files with this Android tool!

Developer: Vishal Nehra
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Data Files, File Manager

 |  File Manager Free To-do List | Task List image To-do List | Task List 2.53

Manage your daily activities with this app

Android-powered phones and tablets.

 |  Task Reminder Free

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