Best Reaction Time Test apps for Android (39 games)

Temple Run: Oz  APK

Temple Run: Oz

Run as fast as you can in the world of Oz

Temple Run: Oz is an adapted pair of Temple Run 2 the world of Oz movie version: Mighty and Powerful, by ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Spider-Man Unlimited  APK

Spider-Man Unlimited

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable Spider-Man adventure

Drive through the streets of New York in a mad race that involves facing Spider-Man's main enemies, ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Bike Rivals  APK

Bike Rivals

Hop on your bike and leave the other racers behind

You have to control a dirt bike in different sceneries, and you must do all sorts of stunts and ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider

Enjoy this endless racing journey and upgrade your bike

Use all your skills to ride a fast motorcycle through busy traffic. Dodge vehicles in various scenarios ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Death Run 3D  APK

Death Run 3D

Dodge obstacles and try to survive!

You have to move at full speed through a series of geometric lines in which you must avoid crashing ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom  APK

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Race & conquer with Sonic and the gang!

You will need a lot of energy to keep up with Sonic and the gang in this adventure-filled game.

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Hardest Game Ever 2  APK

Hardest Game Ever 2

Are you ready for the Hardest Game Ever 2?

Play 48 different mini-games where your speed is critical because the sooner you get the task done the ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Totem Runner  APK

Totem Runner

Your only mission in this game is to become a brave warrior!

Developer: Chillingo International
Categories: Android games, Action Games, Skill Games, Speed Games, Reaction Time Test

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Lep's World

Lep's World

If you win, the prize is a gold mine

Lep's World is an action game similar to the Mario Bros game in which you have to deal with the enemies ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Bricks Breaker Puzzle  APK

Bricks Breaker Puzzle

Relax with fun and interesting brick breaking game

Throw balls against bricks to destroy them. After several hits, their number will drop to zero

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Racing Moto

Racing Moto

You could never accelerate like this in the real world!

Moto Racing is a racing game in which you must control a fast motorcycle during rush hour.

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Lane Splitter  APK

Lane Splitter

The best, original motorcycle survival game for Android

Lane Splitter is a racing game with an original story in which the player needs to accelerate the bike ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Ronaldo&Hugo:Superstar Skaters  APK

Ronaldo&Hugo:Superstar Skaters

Skate through Las Vegas with Cristiano Ronaldo!

The game is an endless runner in which you control a Cristiano Ronaldo or Hugo to escape paparazzi ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Bam fu  APK

Bam fu

You can be part of this kung fu competition

In Bam fu, each player defends his color, and you should convert as many stones as you can to your own ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Gravity Guy FREE  APK

Gravity Guy FREE

Forget about gravity and go on an adventure.

In Gravity Guy, you have to fight gravity to get free.

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Helix Jump  APK

Helix Jump

Climb the ever-changing helix tower with one tap

Test your reflexes as you bounce your way through multicolored spirals.

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Fruit Master  APK

Fruit Master

Explode the fruits in order to make delicious drinks

Use your good aim to cut juicy fruits and prepare different fruit cocktails, juices and other refreshing ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures

Plunge into action adventure full of excitement!

You must help Rayman and Barbara, the Viking, on an adventure to collect ancient eggs that have been ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Ronaldinho Super Dash 2017  APK

Ronaldinho Super Dash 2017

Play with Ronaldinho in this super exciting football game

In this combination game between runner and soccer, the challenge is to help the king of tricks and ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Water Slide 3D  APK

Water Slide 3D

Go down a 3D water slider!

Experience the thrill of sliding down a giant waterslide that's filled with surprises and dangers while ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Corridor Z  APK

Corridor Z

Embark on an exciting journey filled with zombies!

Run as fast as you can to get away from the clutches of hungry zombies ready to devour your brains!

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Jet Car Stunts

Jet Car Stunts

The best driving game for Android

Jet Car Stunts is a racing game that takes place in the mountains, and the player must perform maneuvers ...

 |  Car Racing Games US$ 1.99

Fastest : Test Reaction Time

Fastest : Test Reaction Time

Time your reflexes and improve your reaction time

Developer: Super Awesome Inc.
Categories: Android games, Skill Games, Educational Games, Speed Games, Reaction Time Test

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Fail Hard  APK

Fail Hard

Confront motorcycle challenges with this game.

Fail Hard is a motorcycle game in which you have to face many radical challenges.

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Bees Gone Bonkers  APK

Bees Gone Bonkers

Get your fingers sticky with honey and hard work!

Bees Gone Bonkers is a fun game whose objective is to quickly fill the screen with balls and fruit ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Timberman  APK


Play the retro style arcade game on your Android

Timberman is an addictive game that challenges you not to make any mistakes! Your duty is to help the ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Jumanji: Epic Run

Jumanji: Epic Run

Your mission is to recover the stolen jewel!

In this new Jumanji adventure, you will have to help the characters to recover a sacred jewel to get ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Vector Full

Vector Full

Parkour Practice on your smartphone

Developer: Nekki.
Categories: Attention Games, Reaction Time Test, Skill Games, Speed Games, Survival Games

 |  Reaction Time Test US$ 0.99

Grass Cut

Grass Cut

Mow the grass until the lawn is perfect!

Use your ability to trim the tall bushes and see beautiful gardens bloom before your eyes!

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Avoid.  APK


Avoid the deadly blades for as long as possible

You have to control a character trying to avoid the rotating blades.

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Shane Reaction! Zombie Dash  APK

Shane Reaction! Zombie Dash

Your only mission is to survive the zombie invasion!

Developer: ArtBit Games
Categories: Android games, Reaction Time Test, Skill Games, Speed Games, Zombie Games

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game

Jump and reach the end of this addictive challenge!

Developer: FlukeDude
Categories: Android games, Action Games, Skill Games, Speed Games, Reaction Time Test

 |  Reaction Time Test US$ 0.99

The Weapon King - Legend Sword

The Weapon King - Legend Sword

Eliminate the evil spirits with a powerful sword

Become a warrior, create the greatest sword and conquer the evil spirits that invaded your world. ...

 |  Weapon Upgrades Free

Splash  APK


Jump on the blocks to create an explosion of color!

Splash is a fun skill game in which you need to bounce a ball against the cubes scattered around the screen.

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Marginalia hero — medieval one tap game

Marginalia hero — medieval one tap game

Venture into a unique medieval arcade game with RPG elements

Use your quick reflexes, concentration, and memory to help a medieval hero defeat scary creatures!

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Charles  APK


Dodge the enemies if you want to continue the game

Control an arrow and move it around the screen dodging hundreds of colored dots, avoiding them for as ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Sky Hoppers  APK

Sky Hoppers

Cross the platform before you forget the way!

You must be very fast to guide your character on the marked path to safety place because if you step on ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

2 Cars  APK

2 Cars

Control two different cars at once and drive safely

You have to control two cars simultaneously, having to dodge all of the squares and simultaneously ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Jet Ski Race : Water Scoot  APK

Jet Ski Race : Water Scoot

Exciting Jet ski games for your tablet

You have to compete in a race with a jet ski, trying to dodge other boats and getting the highest score ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

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