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DEER HUNTER 2014 image

DEER HUNTER 2014 3.2.3

The best hunting game on your smartphone.

Deer Hunter 2014 is a first-person shooter in which you have to hunt diverse wildlife.

 |  First Person Shooter Free

Bowmasters image

Bowmasters 1.0.3

Challenge your friends in epic bow & arrow duels!

This is a fun version of a game of archery where you have to use all your aim to try to stop your ...

 |  Stress Games Free

Zombie Frontier 3 image

Zombie Frontier 3 1.76

Master your aim to destroy all of the zombies!

You have to use your aim to protect yourself against zombies in an apocalyptic world.

 |  Gun Games Free

Pixel Gun 3D image

Pixel Gun 3D 11.3.1

Download and play a multiplayer sniper game

Developer: RiliSoft Ltd
Categories: Android games, Action Games, Shooting Games, Gun Games

 |  Gun Games Free

Archery King image

Archery King 1.0.9

Challenge yourself to become the best archer!

You'll have to test all of your aiming ability in Archery King. You need to try and hit the target and ...

 |  Stress Games Free

Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games image

Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games 1.14.3

Take the contract and kill your target professionally

Become the best elite sniper who can kill enemies and even entire gangs with well-aimed shots.

 |  Sniper Games Free

Hitman: Sniper image

Hitman: Sniper 1.7.88009

Become the ultimate hitman and take out targets!

Part of the Hitman series, the "Sniper" version is where the user must eliminate targets with well-aimed ...

 |  Hitman US$ 4.99

Hitman GO image

Hitman GO 1.12.86482

Help agent 47 in these mind boggling puzzles

Hitman GO brings a different approach to the Agent 47 series, where you must fulfill several objectives ...

 |  Hitman US$ 4.18

Dark Dot image

Dark Dot 1.3.0

Control your army of Darklets to complete each level!

Draw using your finger to gather and guide an army of little dots in an incredible online battle.

 |  Killing Games Free

Shooting Stars! image

Shooting Stars! 1.2.1

Shoot your way through with your laser cat!

Android phones or tablets.

 |  Shooting Games US$ 0.99

Overkill 3 image

Overkill 3

Save humanity from unjust suppression!

Lead a resistance to help liberate mankind be freed from oppression instituted by a strong faction in ...

 |  Gun Games Free

Kings of Guns image

Kings of Guns 1.9.1

Survive the zombie apocalypse by runnning & shooting!

In this multiplayer survivor game you will have to use your aiming skills to shoot zombies and other ...

 |  Multiplayer Free

Apple Shooter with Friends image

Apple Shooter with Friends

Enjoy the thrills of archery from your fingertips!

You have to master your aim in this first person archery game, trying to hit all the apples with arrows.

 |  Stress Games Free

Gun Strider image

Gun Strider 1.05.432

Fight against your enemies in a futuristic world!

Journey to a future where you have to fight for freedom. To survive, you'll need to kill all of the ...

 |  Speed Games Free

Spaceship Battles image

Spaceship Battles 1.3

The entertainment of the future: Spaceship battles!

In this multiplayer game, you will have the chance to step into the shoes of a rookie to participate in ...

 |  Space Strategy Free

Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter image

Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter 0.7.1

Prove your aim is worthy of the best shooters!

Android phones.

 |  Army Games Free

Metal Squad image

Metal Squad

Destroy anything that gets in your way!

Metal Squad puts you in control of several mercenaries who have to go through levels full of enemies to ...

 |  Metal Slug Free

Bullet Force image

Bullet Force 1.02

Pick your team and hunt down your rivals!

You'll have to join a team of elite soldiers with whom you have to test your aim to try to kill all ...

 |  First Person Shooter Free

Retro Shooting image

Retro Shooting 1.1.3

Enjoy this shooting game with retro graphics!

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this shooting game, you will enter an exciting aerial combat.

 |  Shooting Games Free

Metal Shooter image

Metal Shooter

Join forces with Condor in this platform shooter!

A classic shooter in which you have to defeat anyone or anything that confronts you, 'till you reach the ...

 |  Metal Slug Free

Final Shot image

Final Shot 1.1.3

A realistic gun-battle in the palm of your hand!

Gather the best snipers in the world with pinpoint aiming to defeat dangerous criminals.

 |  Gun Games Free

Hovercraft: Takedown image

Hovercraft: Takedown 1.3.3

Build and drive a hovercraft at full speed!

Get ready to go full speed in a hovercraft race combat where you have to aim and fire your weapons to ...

 |  Racing Games Free

Being SalMan:The Official Game image

Being SalMan:The Official Game 1.1.1

Salman Khan is going to rock your phone!

Being in Salman: The Official Game, allows the player to live through the adventures and eliminate ...

 |  Sniper Games Free

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper image

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper 1.2.4

Defend your territory in this online shooting game!

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper, the player will have to control elite soldiers who must demonstrate skills ...

 |  Gun Games Free

Counter Shot image

Counter Shot 1.5

Fight for survival in this action-packed game!

To survive the crisis plaguing the Earth, you have to fight on the front line and kill as many enemies ...

 |  First Person Shooter Free

World of Gunships image

World of Gunships 1.1

Choose your chopper & prep it for war!

In World of Gunships, you will have the chance to pilot combat helicopters in online battles where you ...

 |  Helicopter Games Free image 1.2.2

Become the best by climbing the ranks in this tank game

A tank game where you have to fight against other players and try to stop their vehicles while dodging ...

 |  Tank Games Free

Pixel Smashy War - Gun Craft image

Pixel Smashy War - Gun Craft 1.0126

Survive a bloodthirsty horde of zombies!

Developer: HGamesArt
Categories: Android games, Action Games, Shooting Games, War Games, Gun Games

 |  Gun Games Free



Fight in war full of danger & action in real time

Explore futuristic scenarios to finish off zombies, robots, and murderous soldiers in this online ...

 |  Sniper Games Free

Suicide Squad: Special Ops image

Suicide Squad: Special Ops 1.1.3

Become a villain & lead your team in dangerous missions

Gather the most famous anti-hero of Warner comics to face villains who want to spread fear and chaos ...

 |  First Person Shooter Free

Bullet Party 2 - CS:GO STRIKE image

Bullet Party 2 - CS:GO STRIKE 1.2

Pick a weapon, join a team and take out your enemy!

If you want to get out of this war alive, do not fall into ambushes and, most importantly, aim well!

 |  Sniper Games Free

Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run image

Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run 1.3.21

Choose your favourite character and kill the infected!

This is an "endless runner" game where you have to run among zombies who want to eat. Your job is to ...

 |  Speed Games Free

N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit... image

N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit...

Fight to protect humanity!

In NOVA 3 the player must fight for the survival of mankind in a wonderful space shooter for mobile devices.

 |  First Person Shooter US$ 6.99

Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter image

Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter 1.0.7

Hit the target and complete your mission.

With the game Clear Vision 3 - Sniper Shooter, you become a hired sniper who must kill all your targets ...

 |  Sniper Games Free

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints image

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Here you can kill all the corrupt politicians!

Become a criminal in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in which you must explore its 5 districts completing ...

 |  Gangster Games US$ 6.99

Sniper Shooting Free image

Sniper Shooting Free 1.4

Be the best sniper on your Android with this game

Developer: CoolfishStudios
Categories: Android games, Action Games, Shooting Games, Sniper Games

 |  Sniper Games Free

Zombie Gunship image

Zombie Gunship 1.11

Get rid of the damn zombies on your smartphone

Developer: Limbic
Categories: Android games, Action Games, Shooting Games, Zombie Games, Gun Games

 |  Gun Games US$ 0.99

Zombie Sniper 3D II image

Zombie Sniper 3D II 2.1

Aim and kill zombies with your best weapon

Zombie Sniper 3D II is a first-person action game whose main objective is to kill the zombies which try ...

 |  Sniper Games Free

Modern Combat 5: Blackout image

Modern Combat 5: Blackout 1.0.1

The much anticipated ultimate FPS game is here

This is the latest in the very successful FPS series Modern combat. In this slick and exhilarating new ...

 |  Military Games Free



A zombie game where you to be addicted to the action

You have to survive in a zombie apocalypse, in which you must rescue survivors and complete different ...

 |  First Person Shooter Free

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