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Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics Bodyweight

Customize your physical training with Freeletics

This fitness app is perfect for those who want to exercise, but do not have time to attend a gym every day.

 |  Fitness Free

Freeletics Gym  APK

Freeletics Gym

Get the most out of your gym sessions with Freeletics!

With Freeletics Gym you can take advantage of the hours you spend in the gym.

 |  Sport Free

Freeletics Running  APK

Freeletics Running

Keep track of your run stats with Freeletics Running

Get in shape quickly with this running app, which helps you to increase your running distance and endurance.

 |  Running Free

Freeletics PRO Fitness  APK

Freeletics PRO Fitness

Achieve an athletic body with these exercises

Developer: Freeletics
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness, Fitness

 |  Fitness Free

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Get your body in perfect shape!

Do you want to lose weight or maybe just increase your muscle tone, but lack motivation? If so, this collection of the best fitness applications is for you. Now you can use Android to help you practice yoga, jogging, running, or just improve your general fitness. ... more

Use the best applications, without worrying about memory

Useful selection of functional application for your Android smartphone that does not affect his memory utilization. Forget about the problem of lack of space on your device! ... more

Stay in shape without leaving home!

Are you worried about getting fat while confined to your home? If so, check out this collection of fitness apps that will help you stay in shape without having to go to the gym! Who knows, you might even get better results working out on your own! ... more

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