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Main Features of Guardo Fit Coach Track

App description:

Guardo Fit Coach is a fitness application compatible with Guardo Fit's sports GPS bands that allows users to monitor their physical activity and check a variety of data directly on their Android smartphone.


The application lets users track different physical activities, monitor sleep quality, count the number of steps taken each day, check calories burned during workouts, track distance traveled, check phonecalls, SMS and WhatsApp notifications, and more.


In addition, the user has at his disposal an anti-theft service and an option to check the weather forecast.

How to use:

You must log in with your email and password or use your Facebook account to use the application's features.


Multilingual interface with option for English.


Recommended for users of Guardo Fit fitness bracelets.


36 MB

Operating System:




Content suitable for all ages.


No in-app purchases. Free

Installation requirements:

A minimum of 36 MB of free memory space and Android 4.4 or higher.


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POSITIVE about Guardo Fit Coach Track

Includes anti-theft feature.
Allows you to keep track of your physical activities according to different types of sports.
A minimalist, intuitive, gesture-based interface.

NEGATIVE about Guardo Fit Coach Track

It is not compatible with all versions of the Android operating system.