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Fitbit image

Fitbit 1.8.6

Watch what you eat to control your weight

Developer: Fitbit, Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness Free

Headspace (on-the-go) image

Headspace (on-the-go) 2.0.11

Simple instructions if you want to learn to meditate

Developer: Headspace
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness Free

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal image

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

An incentive to get fit

My FintessPal is an app that helps you lose weight by keeping a daily record of calories consumed and ...

 |  Calorie Tracker Free

iTrackBites: Smart Weight Loss image

iTrackBites: Smart Weight Loss 2.0

Android phones.

 |  Weight Loss US$ 0.99

Ref. Guide for Essential Oils image

Ref. Guide for Essential Oils 1.0.11

Developer: Abundant Health LLC
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 828

Couch-to-5K image


Get in fit shape with this amazing health program

Developer: The ACTIVE Network, Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 1.99

White Noise image

White Noise

Stay healthy with White Noise app for Android

Developer: TMSOFT
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 1.99

The Wonder Weeks image

The Wonder Weeks 6.1.7

Always keep yourself updated with your baby's development

Developer: Domus Technica
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 1.94

Yoga Studio image

Yoga Studio 1.0.3

How to turn your Android into a Yoga Studio

Android phones.

 |  Yoga US$ 1.99

Value Diary Plus Goal Watchers image

Value Diary Plus Goal Watchers 6.3.2

Get this app and control your weight

Developer: Fenlander Software Solutions Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 2.99

Period Tracker Deluxe image

Period Tracker Deluxe 2.0.6

Keep tabs on your monthly menstrual cycle

Developer: GP International LLC
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 1.99

Aqualert:Water Tracker No Ads image

Aqualert:Water Tracker No Ads 6.75

Stay hydrated with the help of this app!

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 0.99

iFootpath - Modern Walk Guides image

iFootpath - Modern Walk Guides 1.6.4

Developer: iFootpath
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness, Fitness, Walking

 |  Walking US$ 1.13

7 Minute Workout Challenge image

7 Minute Workout Challenge 1.4

Get your body in shape with only 7 minutes of workout

Developer: Fitness Guide Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 1.83

Carbs & Cals - Diabetes & Diet image

Carbs & Cals - Diabetes & Diet 2.11

Developer: Chello Publishing Limited
Categories: Business, Health - Fitness, Mobile Banking, Online Banking, RBS

 |  RBS US$ 4.99

buddhify - mindfulness to go image

buddhify - mindfulness to go 1.0.20

Easily meditate and relax where ever you are!

Developer: 21awake Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 2.99

CWP & Me image

CWP & Me 2.0.7

Developer: Cambridge Manufacturing Co Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 3.33

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson image

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Improve your sleep with this meditation guide

Developer: HiveBrain Software
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness, Alternative Medicine, Hypnosis, Sleep Hypnosis

 |  Sleep Hypnosis US$ 2.99

MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder image

MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder 7.18.03331

Don't forget to take your medicionas with this reminder

Developer: Medisafe Project
Categories: Drug Guide, Health - Fitness, Medical, Pharmacy, Pill Reminder

 |  Pill Reminder Free

Eve by Glow - Period Tracker image

Eve by Glow - Period Tracker 2.5.1

Handy health and period tracker for women

Android smartphones or tablets.

 |  Health - Fitness Free

Clue - Period Tracker image

Clue - Period Tracker 2.2.8

A fresh interface for women to track your cycle

An intuitive intimate calendar to track your monthly menstrual cycle and all that goes with it!

 |  Ovulation Calendar Free

ShareTheMeal – Help children image

ShareTheMeal – Help children 3.1.3

Help children get fed with this fantastic app!

Help the World Food Programme of the United Nations by a small daily donation of 40 cents with can feed ...

 |  Nutrition Free

Cookbook : Free Recipes image

Cookbook : Free Recipes 7.6.1

Get a variety of recipes for Easter

Surprise your friends and family with tasty dishes to prepare both everyday and for special occasions.

 |  Recipes Free

Lifesum - The Health Movement image

Lifesum - The Health Movement 3.6.7

Calculate your daily calorie consumption with this app

Lifesum is a handy guide to watching your diet and your daily workout. Thus, it helps you make better ...

 |  Health - Fitness Free

The Fabulous - Habit & Routine image

The Fabulous - Habit & Routine 3.30

Make your daily routine healthy to get back in shape

Fabulous will help you achieve your goals and, most importantly, acquire healthy habits.

 |  Health - Fitness Free

Runtastic Running & Fitness image

Runtastic Running & Fitness

Ideal for indoor and outdoor sports

Runstastic is an application to run and exercise that uses GPS to map and record the physical activities ...

 |  Fitness Instructor Free

Endomondo Running Cycling Walk image

Endomondo Running Cycling Walk

Ideal for workouts that involve distance

The Endomondo Sports Tracker app is ideal for recording physical activities involving distance, for ...

 |  Sports Tracker Free

Noom Coach: Weight Loss Plan image

Noom Coach: Weight Loss Plan 5.5.1

A strong ally in the fight against the scale

Noom Weight Loss Coach is an app that functions as a personal trainer to motivate the user to create a ...

 |  Weight Training Free

StayWow Fitness Social Network image

StayWow Fitness Social Network 2.1.19

Stay healthy and keep fit with this app's help!

Developer: Sapna Vyas Patel
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness, Social , Fitness

 |  Fitness Free

Running Distance Tracker + image

Running Distance Tracker +

Keep track of your exercise with detailed info!

Android smartphones.

 |  Running Free

Strong Anti Mosquito Prank image

Strong Anti Mosquito Prank 1.4.0

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Health - Fitness Free

Period Calendar image

Period Calendar 1.467

A calendar to record your menstruations

Period Calendar / Tracker is perfect for tracking, month to month, your menstrual cycle and calculate ...

 |  Health - Fitness Free

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO image

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO

Better than a personal trainer

The Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro app turns your mobile into a device to record all your sports ...

 |  Sports Tracker US$ 4.99

Period Tracker image

Period Tracker 2.0.6

Colorful, feminine and delicate interface

Menstrual Calendar is an ideal application to calculate ovulation and fertile periods in addition to the ...

 |  Menstrual Calendar Free

Runtastic Running PRO image

Runtastic Running PRO

The perfect choice for anyone who wants to get fit

Runtastic PRO is an application for exercising. It records the progress achieved and calories expended ...

 |  Cycling Tips US$ 4.99

WebMD for Android image

WebMD for Android 4.0.3

Symptom checker, health, medication and first aid guide

WebMD offers access to health information 24/7. It will support you to make decisions regarding your ...

 |  WebMD Free

Alarm Clock Plus(NoAds) image

Alarm Clock Plus(NoAds)

Download this beautiful alarm clock

Developer: Alarm Clock Plus / Binary Tactics, LLC.
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness, Lifestyle, Productivity , Alarm Clocks

 |  Alarm Clocks US$ 0.99

Instant Heart Rate - Pro image

Instant Heart Rate - Pro 5.36.3043

Monitor your heart rate with this application

Instant Heart Rate is an app that lets you use your Smartphone to monitor heartbeat.

 |  Heart Rate US$ 1.99

JEFIT Pro - Workout & Fitness image

JEFIT Pro - Workout & Fitness 6.09112

Log and track your exercises with this application

Jefit Pro is a software for weight control and exercise with your training data.

 |  Fitness Magazine US$ 4.99

Zombies, Run! image

Zombies, Run! 3.1.8

Run as fast as you can or the zombies will eat you

Developer: Six to Start
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness

 |  Health - Fitness US$ 3.99

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