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Main Features of Aim Master for 8 Ball Pool

App description:

Aim Master for 8 Ball Pool is the ultimate tool for those who love playing online 8 Ball Pool. The app provides you with an overlay during gameplay that automatically selects the best shots for you to place in order to win, giving you the advantage you need to be victorious.


This free tool makes it easy to activate your auto-aim abilities and automatically analyses the table to generate the best shot lines for you to take. This ensures you can always place the optimal shots and win the match with ease.

How to use:

Simply open the 8 Ball Pool match you are playing and the tool will begin constructing the perfect shot for you to take by calculating the different options and angles, serving you the best possible angle to shoot from.


The app is easy to control, simply tap the screen to activate the different functions of the overlay tool. There are many options to tweak such as aiming line quantity and width.


The app interface is available in English.


The perfect app for those that love playing 8 Ball Pool.


9 MB

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Content suitable for all ages.


Free app with no internal purchases. Free

Installation requirements:

A minimum of 9 MB of free memory space and Android 5.0 or higher.


The TOP 1 Most popular App in Pool Tournaments category.


The TOP 1 Most downloaded App in Pool Tournaments category.

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POSITIVE about Aim Master for 8 Ball Pool

The perfect tool for placing accurate shots.
The app is really easy to use.
You can easily configure different options during use.

NEGATIVE about Aim Master for 8 Ball Pool

Instructions for using the app are only available in English.

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