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PictureMate - View hidden pictures is an excellent Facebook browsing tool that lets you easily view any users private photographs without the neccesary permissions and totally undetected, as well as being able to search for specific images and save them to your device.


The app connects you to Facebook and displays the specific image you are looking for from your desired users. In order to use the app, simple open it and enter the users profile name and navigate to their page.


The app makes it easy for you to view private images from any Facebook user regardless of that pictures privacy settings or status as a friend. You can also easily search for specific images and download them to your device.


The app interface is available in English.


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You can easily download pictures provided.
The app file size is small.
The interface is elegant and intuitive.
The app features a search system for ease of use.


The app requries an active internet connection.
The app displays ads during use.

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