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Messenger 173.0.0

Easier and faster than the Facebook app

Facebook Messenger is a communication application focussed on SMSs and Facebook messages in a single place.

 |  Facebook Messenger Free


Facebook 178.0.0

Quick Access to Facebook

Facebook is a social networking application that allows users to manage Facebook directly from their ...

 |  Facebook Status Free

Google Play Games 2019.03.9078 (240253997.240253997-000308)

Google Play Games 2019.03.9078

Have fun with Google Play Games on your Mobile

Manage all the games on your Android from a single application that allows you to even interact with ...

 |  Google+ Free

Bitmoji 10.39.157

Bitmoji 10.39.157

Bitmoji is your own personal Emoji for your Android!

Create your own avatar and personalize your messages from a growing library of emojis featuring you.

 |  Chat Free


TextNow 6.18.1

Make free calls to other users with this app

Exchange messages and photos with friends without spending a penny.

 |  Social  Free

Pinterest v7.11.0


Share your interests with the world

Pinterest is a social networking application designed to bring the laptop world features and endless ...

 |  Social  Free

Twitter 7.88.0-release.41

Twitter 7.88.0

Easier to tweet

Twitter is an official social networking application for Android, created especially for users of ...

 |  Twitter Free

Discord - Chat for Gamers v8.6.8

Discord - Chat for Gamers

Quickly connect with your friends!

This voice chat lets you chat in real time with friends during games and online battles!

 |  Video Chat Free

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite 101.0.0

Facebook Lite - Installs fast, loads quicker

A light version of Facebook that uses less memory.

 |  Facebook Free

Tinder 10.12.0

Tinder 10.12.0

Meet interesting people in this network!

Tinder is a social interaction app that is modernizing and bringing good old flirting to the virtual world.

 |  Meet People Free

IN Launcher - Themes, Emojis & GIFs 1.1.10

IN Launcher - Themes, Emojis & GIFs 1.1.10

If you need to brighten up your Android this is the app for you!

IN is a complete launcher for anyone who needs to customize and at the same time boost Android performance.

 |  Wifi On Off Free

Google One 1.20.240263894

Google One 1.20.240263894

Stay organized as you manage your Google apps

Developer: Google LLC
Categories: Google Chat, Productivity , Search Engine, Social Networking, Social 

 |  Google+ Free

Yahoo Mail – Free Email App v5.38.2

Yahoo Mail – Free Email App

All features of Yahoo on your phone

Yahoo! Mail is an application that allows quick access to all the user's Yahoo! email accounts.

 |  Yahoo Chat Free

Google Earth

Google Earth 9.2.40

The whole world in the palm of your hand

Google Earth is a utility in which you can view photos, maps, routes, cities and other places in real ...

 |  Google Earth Free

BIGO LIVE - Live Stream 4.12.0

BIGO LIVE - Live Stream 4.12.0

A social network with live streaming video

BIGO Live is a real-time video streaming application which allows you to share many funny moments with ...

 |  Streaming Free

Messenger for Social App 1.3.6

Messenger for Social App 1.3.6

Easily manage messengers and social networks with this app

Developer: Horoscope Tech Studio
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Social , SMS, Messenger

 |  Messenger Free

Google Docs

Google Docs 1.18.052

The way to edit documents that Google offers

With the official Google Docs app, you can create and edit documents in Word, Excel or Powerpoint ...

 |  Google+ Free

Streamkar- New year desi loog  , social video chat

Streamkar- New year desi loog , social video chat 6.7.4

Get all the Pakistani talent videos you could ever want

Developer: Tipping Points Technology Ltd.
Categories: Chat, Media - Video , Social , Video, Video Chat

 |  Video Chat Free

Telegram v5.4.0


An instant messenger that protects your privacy.

Telegram is an easy-to-use messaging program that protects your privacy and user data.

 |  Video Chat Free

Yome Live 1.2.9

Yome Live 1.2.9

Watch videos and make friends via this network

Developer: Yome Live
Categories: Android apps, Social 

 |  Social  Free

TopU—Let's video chat 1.0.3560

TopU—Let's video chat 1.0.3560

Participate in video chats with interesting people

Developer: Veego Studio
Categories: Lifestyle, Media - Video , Social , Video, Video Chat

 |  Video Chat Free

Google Duo 51.0.242539279.DR51_RC08

Google Duo 51.0.242539279

Discover Google's new app to make videocalls!

Video call family and friends quickly and easily at any moment.

 |  Google+ Free

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts 4.0.8754

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts 4.0.8754

Sign up to multiple Facebook accounts on 1 device

Manage two different accounts simultaneously. Useful for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

 |  Social Networking Free

ShareChat - Fun with Friends emarti_8.0.25

ShareChat - Fun with Friends

An Indian chatting app with great support for Indian languages

Developer: ShareChat
Categories: Android apps, Social 

 |  Social  Free

Tantan APK

Tantan 2.8.7

Find your soulmate with the help of Android

Developer: P1CN
Categories: Android apps, Social 

 |  Social  Free

Nextdoor 2.106

Nextdoor 2.106

The best social network for your local community

Developer: Nextdoor
Categories: Android apps, Social 

 |  Social  Free

Status Saver 2.0

Status Saver 2.0

Download WhatsApp statuses in just a few clicks!

Status Saver is a tool for WhatsApp users who want to save the images, phrases, and videos shared by ...

 |  Social  Free

Free Social Video Downloader 3.0 APK

Free Social Video Downloader 3.0

Easily download videos from any social media source!

Free Social Video Downloader is an intuitive tool that allows the user to download Android videos ...

 |  Video Downloader Free

Phoenix - Facebook & Messenger v2.2.0717 APK

Phoenix - Facebook & Messenger

Use Facebook without draining your Android battery

Phoenix is an application aimed at users who want to access Facebook and Facebook Messenger without ...

 |  Facebook Messenger Free

Social Deal 2.2.2

Social Deal 2.2.2

Developer: Social Deal
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle, Social 

 |  Social  Free

Events from Facebook 14.0

Events from Facebook 14.0

Be in the know with everything happening around you!

Perfect for anyone looking for information on interesting places, courses, cultural activities, social ...

 |  Facebook Free

Top Nine for Instagram - Best of 2018 3.0

Top Nine for Instagram - Best of 2018 3.0

Know which are your most popular Instagram posts

Developer: BetaLabs
Categories: Online Shops, Photo Sharing, Photography , Shopping , Social 

 |  Gamestop Free

Repost for Instagram 3.2.7

Repost for Instagram 3.2.7

Share your favorite photos easily with this app

Use this tool to easily publish photos to your Instagram profile.

 |  Instagram Free

PENUP - Share your drawings

PENUP - Share your drawings 3.1.03

Share your creativity with the whole world

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.?
Categories: Android apps, Social 

 |  Social  Free

QwikMatch 3.0.1

QwikMatch 3.0.1

A social network for you to connect with friends and family

Developer: SameTable
Categories: Android apps, Social 

 |  Social  Free

ZEPETO v2.7.0


You can use your character to make an emoji and chat!

With the ZEPETO application, you can create an avatar inspired by the stars of K-pop.

 |  Social Networking Free

Yahoo! 1.10.1

Yahoo! 1.10.1

Find all Yahoo products in this amazing app

Developer: Yahoo
Categories: Lifestyle, Search Engine, Social , Yahoo, Yahoo Chat

 |  Yahoo Chat Free

New Stickers for WAStickerApps 2.6.0

New Stickers for WAStickerApps 2.6.0

A bunch of fun stickers to use on WhatsApp!

Give more life and excitement to your WhatsApp conversations via these fun stickers!

 |  Group Chat Free

Testfoni 1.9.2

Testfoni 1.9.2

Hundreds of fun and totally addictive tests for your Android

Testfoni offers entertaining tests on a variety of subjects. A great way to uncover aspects of your ...

 |  Humor Free

imo free HD video calls and chat 9.8.000000010705

imo free HD video calls and chat 9.8.000000010705

Talk to your friends from anywhere by using this amazing app

Developer: Baby Penguin
Categories: Communication , Media - Video , Social , Video, Video Chat

 |  Video Chat Free

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