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Bitmoji 10.25.213

Bitmoji 10.25.213

Bitmoji is your own personal Emoji for your Android!

Create your own avatar and personalize your messages from a growing library of emojis featuring you.

 |  Chat Free


Messenger 153.0.0

Easier and faster than the Facebook app

Facebook Messenger is a communication application focussed on SMSs and Facebook messages in a single place.

 |  Facebook Notifications Free


Facebook 159.0.0

Quick Access to Facebook

Facebook is a social networking application that allows users to manage Facebook directly from their ...

 |  Facebook Status Free

Google Play Games 5.4.39 (178940931.178940931-030)

Google Play Games 5.4.39

Have fun with Google Play Games on your Mobile

Manage all the games on your Android from a single application that allows you to even interact with ...

 |  Google+ Free

Pinterest v6.53.0


Share your interests with the world

Pinterest is a social networking application designed to bring the laptop world features and endless ...

 |  Social  Free

TextNow v5.42.0


Make free calls to other users with this app

Developer: Enflick, Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Social 

 |  Social  Free

Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie 0.156.0

Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie 0.156.0

Video walkie-talkie to communicate with your friends

A messaging app that lets you communicate with friends via recorded videos and voice messages.

 |  Group Chat Free

Twitter v7.32.0


Easier to tweet

Twitter is an official social networking application for Android, created especially for users of ...

 |  Twitter Free

Cliffhanger - Chat Stories v3.3.0

Cliffhanger - Chat Stories

Read entertaining chat stories on your Android device

Developer: Hype Bits
Categories: Android apps, Books, Social , Chat

 |  Chat Free

Tinder v8.6.2


Meet interesting people in this network!

Tinder is a social interaction app that is modernizing and bringing good old flirting to the virtual world.

 |  Meet People Free

Discord - Chat for Gamers v6.2.6

Discord - Chat for Gamers

Quickly connect with your friends!

This voice chat lets you chat in real time with friends during games and online battles!

 |  Chat Room Free

Yahoo Mail – Free Email App v5.23.5

Yahoo Mail – Free Email App

All features of Yahoo on your phone

Yahoo! Mail is an application that allows quick access to all the user's Yahoo! email accounts.

 |  Yahoo Chat Free

POF Free Dating App

POF Free Dating App 3.54.0

Find your soulmate and stop being lonely

POF Free Dating Site is a social application of one of the largest dating sites in the world, allowing ...

 |  Plenty of Fish Free

Google Docs

Google Docs 1.18.012

The way to edit documents that Google offers

With the official Google Docs app, you can create and edit documents in Word, Excel or Powerpoint ...

 |  Google+ Free

Google Duo 27.0.185433807.DR27_RC11

Google Duo 27.0.185433807

Discover Google's new app to make videocalls!

Video call family and friends quickly and easily at any moment.

 |  Google+ Free

Google Earth

Google Earth 9.2.0

The whole world in the palm of your hand

Google Earth is a utility in which you can view photos, maps, routes, cities and other places in real ...

 |  Google Earth Free

LinkedIn 4.1.135

LinkedIn 4.1.135

Easier to use LinkedIn for your mobile!

LinkedIn is a social network based on the eponymous network of professional contacts.

 |  LinkedIn Free


Tumblr 10.1.2

Share your thoughts with the world

Specifically created for bloggers all over the world, Tumblr is a social interaction app that brings ...

 |  Tumblr Free

Android Pay v1.34.171856247

Android Pay

Manage your payment options with Google Wallet

Nothing is more practical than a virtual wallet to shop online or even send money to friends and family.

 |  Google Wallet Free

Flamingo for Twitter 1.11.3

Flamingo for Twitter 1.11.3

How to make your Twitter interface stand out

Devices with Android system.

 |  Twitter US$ 1.99

Insta Repost for Instagram 3.8.2

Insta Repost for Instagram 3.8.2

Instantly repost your Instagram with this amazing app

Developer: InstaRepost
Categories: Android apps, Social , Photography , Photo Sharing, Instagram

 |  Instagram Free

DashStats: Instagram Followers 2.4

DashStats: Instagram Followers 2.4

Become the most popular Instagram user

Use virtual coins to give your Instagram account more visibility.

 |  Instagram Free

Yahoo Weather 1.2

Yahoo Weather 1.2

Weather forecast for the next five days

Yahoo! Weather is an app that shows the weather forecast for your mobile device. The detailed weather ...

 |  Yahoo! Weather Free

Telegram X

Telegram X 0.20.5

An alternative to Telegram with some unique functions

Developer: Thunderdog
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Social , SMS, Messenger

 |  Messenger Free

Meet new people and chat in real time

A virtual chat room that allows you to talk with other people about politics, entertainment, sports, etc.

 |  Social  Free

Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit 81

Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit 81

Check out the lighter version of Google Maps!

This lightweight app provides directions and information about traffic and public transportation and ...

 |  Google Maps Free

Direct from Instagram

Direct from Instagram 25.0.0

Share super fun messages with your friends

Customize photos and videos using fun filters and various special effects.

 |  Instagram Free

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite 81.0.0

Facebook Lite - Installs fast, loads quicker

A light version of Facebook that uses less memory.

 |  Facebook Free

Sarahah 2.1.4

Sarahah 2.1.4

Motivational app which helps you with constructive feedback

Developer: Sarahah
Categories: Android apps, Social 

 |  Social  Free

Camera for Facebook 2.2.2

Camera for Facebook 2.2.2

Your photos will shine on Facebook

Bright Camera for Facebook is a tool that lets you improve the quality of the photos displayed in the ...

 |  Facebook Free

Vmeet - Random Video Chat 1.3.0

Vmeet - Random Video Chat 1.3.0

Even shy people will be able to make new friends!

Developer: Meet Group
Categories: Communication , Media - Video , Social , Video, Video Chat

 |  Video Chat Free

Goldeness Browser - Small, fast, private, easy use 1.0.7 APK

Goldeness Browser - Small, fast, private, easy use 1.1.4

A fast browser that uses a few Android features

Speedy, lightweight browser that allows you to safely access the web.

 |  Private Chat Free

Google Play services 12.2.09 (030-184158736)

Google Play services 12.2.09

Update Google apps and apps from Google Play

This application serves to update the applications of both Google Play and Google itself. It can be used ...

 |  Google+ Free

MiuMeet - Live Online Dating v2.24.1 APK

MiuMeet - Live Online Dating

MiuMeet is a live online dating app for Android

Developer: MiuMeet
Categories: Android apps, Social , Online Dating, Dating sites, Miu Meet

 |  Miu Meet Free

Google Assistant 0.1.174051423

Google Assistant 0.1.174051423

How to get quick access to Google Assistant

It's now easier than ever to access your Android virtual assistant.

 |  Google+ Free


Blizzard 1.2.5

Stay in touch with friends wherever you are

Social network of Blizzard Entertainment; join chat groups with your friends and other users so you can ...

 |  Messenger Free

SPARK - Live random video chat & Meet new people 2.0.8

SPARK - Live random video chat & Meet new people 2.0.8

How to meet other singles from around the world

Android phones.

 |  Meet People Free

Ringtones for Chat v1.0.09 APK

Ringtones for Chat 1.0.09

Customize your WhatsApp notification sounds!

Developer: Badabing Apps
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Social , Chat

 |  Chat Free

Crowdfire: Your Smart Marketer v4.2.1

Crowdfire: Your Smart Marketer

Download an app for your social networks

With this marketing tool you can select and share messages which are capable of increasing the number of ...

 |  Twitter Free

Melon 1.4.22-melon

Melon 1.4.22

Chat and share photos with friends across the world

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Social  Free

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