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The Hobbit: Kingdoms

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Main Features of The Hobbit: Kingdoms

Game Goal:

In the Hobbit King Middle Earth adventure game, the player must defeat the goblins and create his own empire in Middle-Earth.

Game Goal:

Hobbit is a multiplayer game that allows building strategies in real time through chat and interacting with other players.

How to Play:

You can watch a tutorial that explains the features of options located at the bottom of the screen. The player must choose between Elves and Dwarves and design a strategy to defeat the goblins, create and manage an empire in Middle Eearth.


The images, inspired by the film "The Lord of the Rings", are well developed, though not in high definition.



Content Classification:

For players 16 years and older.


Android phones and tablets.


27.11 MB

Operating System:




May contain very light references to violence.


Some upgrades are paid. Free0

Installation requirements:

A minimum of 27.11 MB of free memory space and Android 2.3.3 or higher.


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POSITIVE about The Hobbit: Kingdoms

Allows social interaction between players.
Realistic and well-designed graphics.
Nice music that is fitting for the game plot.
Intuitive controls and good gameplay.
Download this war strategy game for Android Smartphones.

NEGATIVE about The Hobbit: Kingdoms

Chats are unsupervised.
Still has some bugs.