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Clash Royale image

Clash Royale

Lead the Clash Royale family to victory!

Destroy the towers and troops of your enemies in combat using a collection of powerful cards with ...

 |  Upgrade Skill Free

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire image

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire 3.27.65

Build your own empire in this new Final Fantasy adventure.

Build and manage your own kingdom. Recruit a powerful army and expand your empire.

 |  Character Upgrade Free

War of Warship:Pacific War image

War of Warship:Pacific War 2.1.2

Implement your strategies in realistic war combats

Developer: MMAGAME
Categories: Android games, Action Games, Strategy Games, War Games

 |  War Games Free

Clash of Clans image

Clash of Clans 9.256.9

Build your town and defend it from your enemies.

Clash of Clans is an epic game of strategic combat, in which you must lead your clan to victory.

 |  War Strategy Games Free

Lords Mobile image

Lords Mobile

Choose your heroes and get ready for the big battle

Travel to a medieval fantasy world where you have to build your own kingdom and recruit heroes to form a ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Castle Clash: Brave Squads image

Castle Clash: Brave Squads 1.3.4

Join this group of heroes and defeat your enemy

Bring together the best heroes, warriors and beasts to form an invincible army to defeat online ...

 |  War Strategy Games Free

Plants vs. Zombies FREE image

Plants vs. Zombies FREE 1.1.74

Help the plants defeat the evil hordes of zombies

Armed only with plants and lots of gray matter, in this fun strategy game you will have the challenge of ...

 |  Plants vs Zombies Free

Noblemen: 1896 image

Noblemen: 1896

Go back in time in this war strategy game

Developer: Foursaken Media
Categories: First Person Shooter, Killing Games, Shooting Games, Strategy Games, War Strategy Games

 |  War Strategy Games Free image 3.3.56

Get ready to conquer the territories! is a multiplayer online version of the classic snake game in which you have to try to conquer ...

 |  Stress Games Free

Guns of Glory image

Guns of Glory 1.0.8

Work with the Three Musketeers to build the castle!

Master all the nations of the world and make your empire the greatest with this war game set in the past.

 |  City Building Games Free

Dragon City image

Dragon City 4.14.3

Create an army of dragons and go into battle.

Build a magical world in Dragon City. Get hundreds of dragons, have them reproduce and make them evolve ...

 |  Strategy Games Free

The Escapists image

The Escapists 1.0.5

Immerse yourself in this pixel breakout game!

Join a band of prisoners with whom you must not only survive prison life, but find and take advantage of ...

 |  Escape Games US$ 3.99

Iron Marines image

Iron Marines 1.1.4

Form strategies to defeat the aliens!

Travel to the future where you are going to have to raise a military base on other planets in order to ...

 |  War Strategy Games US$ 4.99

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 image

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 1.07

Are your brave enough to spend 5 nights at Freddy's?

Put yourself in the shoes of a security guard who must survive five nights in a very dangerous building ...

 |  Scary Games US$ 2.99

Reigns image

Reigns 1.07

As a king you'll have to make difficult decisions!

Become a leader of a medieval kingdom on your Android.

 |  War Strategy Games US$ 2.99

Exploding Kittens® - Official image

Exploding Kittens® - Official 3.2.0

Try your luck deactivating explosive cats!

This is the digital version of the popular card game in which you need a bit of luck to avoid explosive ...

 |  Cat Games US$ 1.99

Monument Valley image

Monument Valley 2.4.22

Solve the cool puzzle in Monument Valley for Android

This is a strategy game in which you must help Princess Ida get through the chapters moving different ...

 |  Maze Game US$ 3.99

Civilization Revolution 2 image

Civilization Revolution 2 1.4.4

Start the revolution to change your complete civilization

Developer: 2K Games, Inc.
Categories: Android games, Strategy Games

 |  Strategy Games US$ 9.99

Assassin's Creed Identity image

Assassin's Creed Identity 2.8.2

Complete missions and unravel epic mysteries!

Travel to the time of Italian Renaissance where you have to put yourself in the shoes of an assassin and ...

 |  Upgrade Games US$ 3.99

Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! image

Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! 1.1.2

Fight alongside Robin in realtime combats

Win as many battles as possible and help the Minitians increase their collection of miniature dolls.

 |  Strategy Games US$ 2.99

EvoCreo image

EvoCreo 1.5.0

Capture & set to battle Creo, the mythical creatures

Help the main character explore the world of Zenith, fighting over 130 different monsters.

 |  Character Upgrade US$ 0.99

Kingdom Rush Origins image

Kingdom Rush Origins 1.5.2

Build attacking towers to defend your kingdom from evil

In the third game of the famous series of Kingdom Rush TD games, the challenge is to prevent evil ...

 |  Tower Defense Games US$ 2.99

XCOM®: Enemy Within image

XCOM®: Enemy Within 1.6.0

Get inside the cybersuit and defeat futuristic enemies

Developer: 2K Games, Inc.
Categories: Android games, Strategy Games

 |  Strategy Games US$ 9.99

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 image

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 1.0.4

For lovers of motorcycle racing

Developer: Playsport Games Ltd
Categories: Driving Games, Racing Games, Simulation Games, Strategy Games, Time Management Games

 |  Car Racing Games US$ 3.99

Age of Civilizations image

Age of Civilizations 1.1548

Gather resources and build the perfect civilization

Developer: Łukasz Jakowski
Categories: Android games, Strategy Games

 |  Strategy Games US$ 2.14

StormFront 1944 image

StormFront 1944 0.0.3

World War II themed mobile strategy game for your Android

Developer: Gaea Mobile Limited
Categories: Android games, Strategy Games

 |  Strategy Games Free

Warlords - Turn Based Strategy image

Warlords - Turn Based Strategy 0.23.24

Collect a powerful army in order to destroy all of the orcs!

Developer: Mantis Shrimp GmbH
Categories: Android games, Strategy Games

 |  Strategy Games Free

Cursed Treasure 2 image

Cursed Treasure 2 1.4.0

Play the side of evil in this original and strategic game

Developer: Armor Games
Categories: Android games, Strategy Games

 |  Strategy Games Free

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD image

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD 1.1.11

Defend your towers against army invasion!

In this mode of Defense Zone, you must equip your army with powerful weapons and improve your defense to ...

 |  Defense Games US$ 2.99

Defense Zone 2 HD image

Defense Zone 2 HD 1.6.2

The exciting war game on your Android tablet

Developer: ARTEM KOTOV
Categories: Android games, Action Games, Strategy Games, Defense Games

 |  Defense Games US$ 2.99

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars image

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars 1.0.5

Get ready to use your wits in this fun combination of strategy and cards by placing your characters on a ...

 |  Turn Based Games Free

Sky Fighters 3D image

Sky Fighters 3D 1.2

Take part in epic battles in the skies and destroy enemies!

Control a warplane by utilizing strategies and maneuvers to destroy your enemies in the aerial battle.

 |  War Strategy Games Free

Card Thief image

Card Thief 1.1.11

Become a master thief in this stealthy card game

Developer: Arnold Rauers
Categories: Brain Puzzles, Cards Games, Puzzle Games, Solitaire Games, Strategy Games

 |  Solitaire Games Free

Dream Defense image

Dream Defense 1.8.195

Defend these cute characters from horrible monsters

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Defense Games Free

MyNBA2K18 image

MyNBA2K18 4.0.0

Scan your face to play one of the best virtual NBA games!

You have to play basketball games and create your lineup by choosing players from your deck of cards and ...

 |  Basketball Games Free

War Planet Online: Global Conquest image

War Planet Online: Global Conquest 1.1.0

Map war strategies in a planetary battle

Android phones and tablets.

 |  War Games Free

Storm Wars CCG image

Storm Wars CCG 2.85

Recruit your characters in this incredible card game

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Magic Games Free

Fidget Spinner .io image

Fidget Spinner .io

You want to dominate the universe? Control the spinner!

Android phones.

 |  Multiplayer Free

Game of Thrones: Conquest™ image

Game of Thrones: Conquest™

A combat strategy game for Game of Thrones fans

Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Categories: Android games, Strategy Games

 |  Strategy Games Free

Mafia City image

Mafia City 0.9.30

Become a mob king & enjoy having all the power

Android phones or tablets.

 |  War Games Free

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