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"Graphs and awesome soundtrack!"

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Main Features of Machinarium

  1. Game Goal: Machinarium is a game of puzzles and adventures that has several levels in 30 different places of varying difficulty. The goal is to pass all levels and decipher the world of machines.
  2. How to play: You have to click to unravel the mysteries and enigmas posed by the game. As the levels advance, the game becomes increasingly difficult.
  3. Game Options: Race.
  4. Graphics: Incredible scenes and graphics. The game design is really unique.
  5. Sound: A nice soundtrack immerses you completely in the game, with background music and other sound effects during your adventures.
  6. Requirements: Compatible with iPad and Android tablets. Flash Player acceleration must be disabled.
  7. Argument: The game is set in the incredible world of metal machines. You play with a super fun little robot and you're going through incredible landscapes, deciphering challenges and adventures.
  8. Languages: English.
  9. Platform: Google Play, iOS Store.
  10. Size: 13M
  11. Operating System: Android
  12. Recomendations: No age restrictions.
  13. Price: US$ 15.99
  14. Installation requirements: A minimum of 13M of free memory space and Android 2.3 or higher.

POSITIVE about Machinarium

  1. Easy to play, intelligent and addictive; you won't want to leave this game.

NEGATIVE about Machinarium

  1. Available in English.
  2. Sometimes the game runs slowly.
  3. Display only in 1250x790px or 1000x632px.

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Loved it Really nicely made and challenging


Hint system is brilliant

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