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Word Cookies image

Word Cookies

A fun puzzle game where you must find hidden words

Challenge your skills as you combine letters and form words.

 |  Word Games Free

Roll the Ball: slide puzzle image

Roll the Ball: slide puzzle 1.3.15

Prove your skills by solving these puzzles!

You have to create a path with blocks, making the as few movements as possible to get the ball from one ...

 |  Ball Games Free

Ballz image

Ballz 1.0

Throw the ball into the bricks to complete each level

Throw white balls against color blocks to destroy them. Each block requires a specific number of impacts ...

 |  Math Puzzle Free

Gardenscapes - New Acres image

Gardenscapes - New Acres 1.3.4

Employ witty strategies to create a perfect garden

The goal is to rebuild a garden by solving a puzzle wher you have to combine at least three identical ...

 |  Sliding Puzzle Free

Wheel of Fortune Free Play image

Wheel of Fortune Free Play 3.25.1

Multiplayer Wheel of Fortune game for Android

Developer: Scopely
Categories: Android games, Puzzle Games

 |  Puzzle Games Free

Pictoword: What's the Word? image

Pictoword: What's the Word? 1.5.11

Practice your English vocabulary with this app

Developer: Kooapps LLC
Categories: Android games, Puzzle Games, Educational Games, Word Games

 |  Word Games Free

Toy Blast image

Toy Blast 1652

Combine blocks to progress in this great puzzle game.

Puzzle game in which you must combine blocks of the same color to achieve the objectives that get more ...

 |  Toy Game Free

Candy Crush Saga image

Candy Crush Saga 1.102.1

Hundreds of levels of pure fun.

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game similar to Tetris, where the player must align at least three ...

 |  Sliding Puzzle Free

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game image

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game 1.5.14

Have a blast with the characters from Family Guy!

Solve this Family Guy inspired puzzle by using your wits to combine figures of the same color on Peter's ...

 |  Shape Game Free

Fishdom: Deep Dive image

Fishdom: Deep Dive 1.0.47

Build a stunning aquarium shell by shell!

In this fun game, a mix between management-style and bejeweled-style games, you can put together a ...

 |  Bejeweled Free

Block! Hexa Puzzle image

Block! Hexa Puzzle

Kill time with this tetris-style block puzzle game

Rattle your brain with this multi-colored puzzle game. The aim is to place the different pieces in the ...

 |  Puzzle Games Free

Flow Free image

Flow Free 3.6

A great choice for stylish puzzle games

Free Flow is a puzzle game in which you must create pipes connecting two dots of the same color.

 |  Maze Game Free

Candy Crush Soda Saga image

Candy Crush Soda Saga 1.92.9

Sweets and soda! New challenges in Candy Crush Soda Saga

Return to the candy paradise in Candy Crush Soda Saga, the most famous game in the Match 3 style. The ...

 |  Shape Game Free

Cookie Jam Blast image

Cookie Jam Blast

Combine cakes to make new, crazy ones!

In this fun puzzle you make combinations of at least three similar figures in order to get points and ...

 |  Puzzles for Kids Free

Bubble Witch 3 Saga image

Bubble Witch 3 Saga 2.6.2

Explore a magical world with Bubble Witch!

Explore the kingdom, build a house, win many prizes and save the Queen Fairy from the evil Wilbur with ...

 |  Puzzle Games Free

Stop - Categories Word Game image

Stop - Categories Word Game 1.0.0

Invite friends for a round of Stop!, the word game

Developer: Fanatee Games
Categories: Animal Games, Cat Games, Educational Games, Puzzle Games, Word Games

 |  Word Games Free

Word Shop - Brain Puzzle Games image

Word Shop - Brain Puzzle Games 1.0.3

Swipe the jumbled letters and find the hidden words!

Android smartphones or tablets.

 |  Word Games Free

100 PICS Quiz - FREE Quizzes image

100 PICS Quiz - FREE Quizzes 1.1.8

Great for testing memory and spend some time

Developer: 100 PICS
Categories: Android games, Puzzle Games, Board Games, Quiz Games

 |  Quiz Games Free

Word Crumble image

Word Crumble 1.1.2

If you love cookies and word puzzles don't miss this game!

Developer: WordMania Studio
Categories: Android games, Puzzle Games, Educational Games, Word Games

 |  Word Games Free

Puzzle Game image

Puzzle Game 11

Exercise your brain and solve the puzzles!

Challenge your brain with this Tetris-style puzzle game with vibrant colors and neon effects.

 |  Tetris Free

Scribblenauts Remix image

Scribblenauts Remix 6.1

Unleash your imagination in the world of Maxwell!

In Scribblenauts Remix you must help Maxwell get the Start right by creating any object, bringing it to ...

 |  Puzzles for Kids US$ 0.99

Clue image

Clue 1.2.7

Find out who the murderer is in this classic board game

Enjoy the digital version of the classic board game of Cluedo on your Android, where you have to use ...

 |  Quiz Games US$ 1.49

The Escapists image

The Escapists 1.0.2

Immerse yourself in this pixel breakout game!

Join a band of prisoners with whom you must not only survive prison life, but find and take advantage of ...

 |  Escape Games US$ 3.99

Trivia Crack (Ad free) image

Trivia Crack (Ad free) 2.28.0

Test you knowledge and learn while having fun!

Developer: Etermax
Categories: Android games, Puzzle Games

 |  Puzzle Games US$ 0.99

Monument Valley image

Monument Valley 2.4.22

Solve the cool puzzle in Monument Valley for Android

This is a strategy game in which you must help Princess Ida get through the chapters moving different ...

 |  Maze Game US$ 3.99

Infinity Loop Premium image

Infinity Loop Premium 1.04

Android smartphones or tablets.

 |  Puzzle Games US$ 1.49

Bridge Constructor image

Bridge Constructor 3.6

A game of intelligence to develop your skills

Use your imagination and creativity to build beautiful bridges in unexpected places.

 |  Bridge Building Game US$ 1.99

Scribblenauts Unlimited image

Scribblenauts Unlimited 1.26

A boundless adventure for your imagination!

An addition to the famous franchise Scribblenauts, the player will have to use their imagination on an ...

 |  Puzzle Games US$ 4.99

klocki image

klocki 1.07

Android phones.

 |  Puzzle Games Free

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 image

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Harry Potter LEGO game based on the first 4 books!

Relive Harry Potter's first four years at Hogwarts, where you will discover magic alongside Ron, ...

 |  Harry Potter Puzzle US$ 0.99

Catan image


A fun game of pirates, merchants and knights

Developer: USM
Categories: Android games, Puzzle Games

 |  Puzzle Games US$ 3.99

The Room image

The Room 1.05

Physics puzzle game wrapped in a mystery

The Room is an immersive puzzle that requires your concentration to decipher the different mysteries to ...

 |  Hidden Object Games US$ 0.99

Hitman GO image

Hitman GO 1.12.86482

Help agent 47 in these mind boggling puzzles

Hitman GO brings a different approach to the Agent 47 series, where you must fulfill several objectives ...

 |  Hitman US$ 4.18

The Room Three image

The Room Three 1.03

The sequal to the award-winning physical puzzle

The end of this intriguing puzzle depends on the decisions you make throughout the game!

 |  Puzzle Games US$ 3.99

Where's My Water? image

Where's My Water? 1.14.1

Swampy wants to take a bath

In this Disney game, Where's My Water, the user has access to all the levels which according to the ...

 |  Where Is My Water US$ 1.99

Lumino City image

Lumino City

Help Lumi solve puzzles in this unique & beautiful game

Inmerse yourself in this adventure puzzle where your goal is to help Luna rescue her abducted granfather ...

 |  Mystery Puzzle Games US$ 4.99

The Room Two image

The Room Two 1.07

Solve the mysteries of this award-winning puzzle game

Just as in the first version, in The Room Two you start the game in a room in front of a box. Your ...

 |  Puzzle Games US$ 1.99

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise image

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise 1.2.0

Use your skills to capture a wanted spy!

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Puzzle Games US$ 0.99

The Chase image

The Chase 1.2.3

Developer: Barnstorm Games
Categories: Android games, Puzzle Games

 |  Puzzle Games US$ 2.2

Lara Croft GO image

Lara Croft GO 2.1.90677

Help Lara Croft explore a forgotten world!

Lara Croft GO is an adventure game with puzzle elements, where your goal is to work your way through the ...

 |  Puzzle Games US$ 0.99

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