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Main Features of Pandora - Music & Podcasts

App description:

Pandora is a free app that lets you customize radio stations according to your preferences; you can create your own station based on the type of song, artist or composer.


You can customize over 100 radio stations, bookmarks for favorite songs, buy songs on Amazon. It runs in the background and lets you share your favorite songs with friends.

How to use:

To download Pandora on the device, you must have Internet access and stay connected while you install and customize the app.


An intuitive and very easy-to-use interface. While listening to a song, simply click on the menu options to select as favorites, buy, share, preferences (change the sound quality) and exit.




For all ages.


Android phones and tablets.


68 MB

Operating System:



Pandora is based in United States - High-ranked developer.


The content is too varied to be classified, thus parental control is recommended with underage users.


Payment required to access full features. Free0

Installation requirements:

A minimum of 68 MB of free memory space and Android OS which Varies with device.


The TOP 5 Most popular Apps in Internet Radio category.

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POSITIVE about Pandora - Music & Podcasts

A stable application with a great selection of songs.
Great sound quality over Wi-Fi and 3G connections.
Works as well as the Internet Pandora version.

NEGATIVE about Pandora - Music & Podcasts

The music streaming consumes battery power quickly.
You can't select stations by genre, as on the Internet.

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