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"Get rewarded for your honest opinions with this app"

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Main Features of Google Opinion Rewards

  1. App description: Google Opinion Rewards is a tool used to collect anonymous user reviews on various topics. The user receives rewards credits to be exchanged for games and apps on Google Play.
  2. Functions: The surveys consist of quick questions, on a weekly basis (varies according to the user profile) and can be answered in your free time.
  3. Activities: The initial questionnaires map the user profile. After answering them, the following research may offer credits that vary according to the topic discussed.
  4. How to use: The app generates an alert every time there's new research that suits your profile.
  5. Controls: The application has an extremely simple interface. To explore all the features, just follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  6. Languages: English.
  7. Recommendations: Suitable for users of all ages interested in research and opinion tools.
  8. Platform: Google Play.
  9. Size: 13M
  10. Operating System: Android
  11. Developer: Google Inc. is based in United States - Developer trusted by the Android community.
  12. Recomendations: No age restrictions.
  13. Price details: No payment is required to access all the upgrades. Free
  14. Installation requirements: A minimum of 13M of free memory space and Android 2.3.3 or higher.

POSITIVE about Google Opinion Rewards

  1. The interface is attractive and easy to operate.
  2. Takes up little memory space.

NEGATIVE about Google Opinion Rewards

  1. The initial questionaire is not rewarded.

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Thanks for the update Everything is working great


Neat Just waiting on my first survey

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