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"Conquer the galaxy with this Star Wars game"

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Main Features of Star Wars™: KOTOR

  1. Game Goal: Lead the Jedi Knights in an unforgettable fight against the Sith, to save the Republic from evil forces.
  2. How to play: After choosing whether to fight alongside the Jedi or the Sith, you must face opponents in different scenarios, accumulating extra powers wisely and managing your inventory.
  3. Graphics: The graphics fall short because, although they are true to the characters and scenaries in Star Wars, they lack texture and definition.
  4. Sound: Music inspired by the original Star Wars soundtrack.
  5. Game play: Fluid and addictive.
  6. Content Classification: Ages 10+, fans of the Star Wars series.
  7. Platform: Android smartphones and tablets.
  8. Requirements: Android 4.1 or higher.
  9. Useful Tips: Be sure to check the tutorial, which explains how to play and advance in the game.
  10. Size: 2,4G
  11. Operating System: Android
  12. Recomendations: Contains scenes of violence towards human characters.
  13. Price: US$ 9.99
  14. Installation requirements: A minimum of 2,4G of free memory space and Android 4.1 or higher.
  • Rating: The TOP 5 Most popular games in Upgrade Games category.

POSITIVE about Star Wars™: KOTOR

  1. Original soundtrack.
  2. Fluid gameplay.
  3. Very detailed, dynamic tutorial.

NEGATIVE about Star Wars™: KOTOR

  1. The game is quite large, occuping a significant amount of Android's memory.
  2. English dialogue.

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5 Opinions about Star Wars™: KOTOR


Excellent job to everyone that worked on this


Keep up the great work!


The transition to mobile is nearly flawless


This is my favorite RPG


Can't believe its on mobile

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