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Star Wars™: Force Arena image

Star Wars™: Force Arena 1.3.19

Gather a strong squad to conquer the galaxy!

The new release from Netmarble brings back the Star Wars ™ characters on an adventure to conquer the ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Clash Royale image

Clash Royale 1.5.0

Lead the Clash Royale family to victory!

Destroy the towers and troops of your enemies in combat using a collection of powerful cards with ...

 |  Upgrade Skill Free

Pokémon GO image

Pokémon GO 0.51.0

Capture and train your own Pokémon

Venture outside into the real world and try to become a real Pokémon hunter and trainer so you can ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Minecraft: Story Mode image

Minecraft: Story Mode

Join the Minecraft world on this mysterious adventure

You must help Jesse and his friends save the world by solving the mystery of Minecraft.

 |  Quest Games US$ 4.99

Legacy of Discord-FuriousWings image

Legacy of Discord-FuriousWings 1.2.3

Battle on Android like you've never experienced before

In this hack and slash RPG, the player must participate in actual combat to evolve and become the God of ...

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Lords Mobile image

Lords Mobile

Choose your heroes and get ready for the big battle

Travel to a medieval fantasy world where you have to build your own kingdom and recruit heroes to form a ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Clash of Kings image

Clash of Kings 2.28.0

In this kingdom there is only room for one king!

Become a Roman Emperor and fight to build your own empire, defeating enemies and expanding the territory.

 |  Upgrade Games Free

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes image

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes 0.7.181815

Choose your side of the force and prepare for battle!

Collect the most powerful and famous heroes of the Star Wars universe in order to defeat the opponents ...

 |  Upgrade Games Free

Shadow Fight 2 image

Shadow Fight 2 1.9.22

Kick and punch your way to the glory in this game

You must face all kinds of enemies through combat fighting one on one, using martial arts to save the ...

 |  Upgrade Skill Free

Summoners War image

Summoners War 3.2.1

Dominate the battlefield in this classic war game

You must create a powerful team of monsters to defeat your enemies and different bosses.

 |  Battle Games Free

Goddess:Primal Chaos - English image

Goddess:Primal Chaos - English 1.81.17

Developer: koramgame
Categories: Android games, Role Playing Games

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Dawn of Titans image

Dawn of Titans

Create the most powerful army possible made up of soldiers and incredible titans.

 |  Upgrade Skill Free

Assassin's Creed Identity image

Assassin's Creed Identity 2.7.0

Travel to the time of Italian Renaissance where you have to put yourself in the shoes of an assassin and ...

 |  Upgrade Games US$ 4.99

Neo Monsters image

Neo Monsters 1.4.3

Capture and evolve over 900 monsters!

Android phones or tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games US$ 0.99

Star Wars™: KOTOR image

Star Wars™: KOTOR 1.0.6

Conquer the galaxy with this Star Wars game

Lead the Jedi Knights in an unforgettable fight against the Sith, to save the Republic from evil forces.

 |  Upgrade Games US$ 4.99

Crashlands image

Crashlands 1.1.12

Fight & craft your way through galactic RPG quest

Step into the shoes of Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker, whose cargo gets stolen by an alien menace and ...

 |  Weapon Upgrades US$ 4.99

EvoCreo image

EvoCreo 1.4.5

Capture & set to battle Creo, the mythical creatures

Help the main character explore the world of Zenith, fighting over 130 different monsters.

 |  Character Upgrade US$ 0.99



A classic PSP finally available for Android

Venture with Ramza and Delita on this epic RPG, which was inspired by one of the most famous games for ...

 |  Role Playing Games US$ 13.99

Armpit Hero: VIP image

Armpit Hero: VIP 2.0.9

Detonate all you come across in this incredible RPG

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games US$ 0.99

Attack the Light image

Attack the Light 1.1.4

Embark on a great adventure with this RPG style game!

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games US$ 2.89

Goat Simulator MMO Simulator image

Goat Simulator MMO Simulator 1.2.5

Face various adventures with this insane goat!

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games US$ 4.99

FINAL FANTASY IX for Android image

FINAL FANTASY IX for Android 1.3.9

Downlaod one of the most popular games in history!

Accompany Princess Garnet, Zidane, and captain Steiner on a quest full of mystery and adventure in which ...

 |  Character Upgrade US$ 16.99



Get ready to tame the most fierce dragons in the world

Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
Categories: Android games, Adventure Games, Role Playing Games, Quest Games

 |  Quest Games US$ 2.99

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition image

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

Great battles in this amazing classic RPG

In this epic RPG battle, you must use logic to ambush the enemy in dangerous traps and complete ...

 |  Role Playing Games US$ 9.99



The epic FINAL FANTASY VI game on your Android

You must help Locke and Terra escape the empire that wants to use their powers as a weapon in a world ...

 |  Character Upgrade US$ 17.59

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 image

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 2.32

Challenge these monsters in this fun game

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 is a game in which you assume the role of characters playing the classic RPGs ...

 |  Character Upgrade US$ 3.42



Lots of adventure in your Android smarthone

Help Cronos and his friends to save the world by time travel. To do this, you have to recruit other ...

 |  Upgrade Skill US$ 9.99

Wild Blood image

Wild Blood 1.1.4

Invite your friends to this epic battle.

Wild Blood is an action game in which you must fight the opponents to save the queen.

 |  Character Upgrade US$ 6.99

Animation Throwdown: TQFC image

Animation Throwdown: TQFC

Join your favorite characters in this crazy card game!

In Animation Throwdown: TQFC, the player will have to gather cards with the most powerful characters ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Magic Rampage image

Magic Rampage 2.1.7

Use some magic to advance through the levels!

Help the main character to fight against all kinds of enemies in a fantasy world full of magic. You must ...

 |  Magic Games Free

Nonstop Knight image

Nonstop Knight 1.7.3

Join this fierce knight on his never-ending quest!

Nonstop Knight is a perfect game for those who enjoy fighting in the hack and slash style.

 |  Turn Based Games Free

Pocket Mortys image

Pocket Mortys 1.6.1

Recruit and train your Mortys to battle your rivals!

Help Rick to collect and train different Mortys for a face to face combats against other Mortys in this ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Terra Battle image

Terra Battle 4.5.0

Power up your whole army to defeat the enemy forces

Categories: Android games, Action Games, Role Playing Games, War Games, Battle Games

 |  Battle Games Free

Fantasy War Tactics image

Fantasy War Tactics

There are 180 dungeons waiting to be explored!

Create a group of heroes with different skills that will have to face all kinds of enemies throughout 12 ...

 |  War Games Free

Star Trek Timelines image

Star Trek Timelines 1.6.0

Play the best science fiction strategy RPG

Take charge of the Starship Enterprise! To help the Starfleet must recruit your crew composed from ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Crusaders Quest image

Crusaders Quest 3.2.4

Command a fearless army and defeat hordes of monsters

Developer: NHN Entertainment Corp.
Categories: Android games, Adventure Games, Role Playing Games, Quest Games

 |  Quest Games Free



Become the absolute warrior by killing your enemies!

Control your hero, choosing to fight between a warrior, a murderer or a wizard. Defeat all the enemies ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Fallout Shelter image

Fallout Shelter 1.7.1

Build the best virtual underground bunker!

You must take care of an underground shelter on a ravaged world where you will need to find food, water ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Battle Camp image

Battle Camp 3.9.0

Train monsters to fight in the epic virtual world

Join the virtual world of ancient evils and vicious monsters. You must survive battles and train your ...

 |  Battle Games Free

Lucid Sky image

Lucid Sky 1.0.5

Developer: The Binary Mill
Categories: Android games, Role Playing Games

 |  Role Playing Games Free

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