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"Embark on an epic match-3 adventure from your device."

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Main Features of Puzzle Pets

  1. Game Goal: Plunge into a great match-3 style game, where you have to combine 3 of the same character together in order to progress through over 120 levels and become the ultimate master out of your friends.
  2. How to Play: You have to match 3 in a row or diagonally in order to clear the line and make way for more characters to be matched up. As you play you'll also gain access to special abilities to help you progress.
  3. Graphics: The backgrounds are detailed and the characters themselves are very vibrant.
  4. Game play: Very fluid and easy-to-play, increasing in difficulty as you work your way through the levels; includes social options and leaderboards to keep you challenged.
  5. Controls: Swipe your finger over the screen in the direction you wish to match.
  6. Languages: English, Italian, Portuguese, French and many others supported.
  7. Platform: Android smartphones and tablets.
  8. Requirements: Android 4.0 and higher.
  9. Size: 27.74 MB
  10. Operating System: Android
  11. Price details: No payment is required to access all the upgrades. Free

POSITIVE about Puzzle Pets

  1. A fun and engaging way to pass the time.
  2. No ads.

NEGATIVE about Puzzle Pets

  1. Not enough moves to complete levels, making you have to purchase more.

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So cute Cutest game ever


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Puzzle pets Good game


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Puzzle pets Very cool game very addictive

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