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Main Features of ZombieSmash

  1. Game Goal: ZombieSmash is an action game similar to a castle defense style in which the player must defend the house against zombie attacks.
  2. How to play: To score points, the player must follow the rules to eliminate the zombies (by shooting or otherwise). Depending on the amount of points, you can buy new weapons, advance levels or face new obstacles.
  3. Graphics: The application is visually appealing, with well-designed graphics.
  4. Sound: Excellent soundtrack by composer Chris Hülsbeck.
  5. Controls: In the first phase, you can eliminate the zombies hitting with a finger (flick), you must then kill the zombies by shooting; to do that, just move your finger back and down (like a sling).
  6. Content Classification: Adults and teenagers.
  7. Platform: Android phones and tablets.
  8. Size: Varies with device
  9. Operating System: Android
  10. Price details: Free app with no further costs. Free
  • Rating: The TOP 10 Most popular games in Destroy the Castle category.
  • Ranking: The TOP 10 Most downloaded games in Destroy the Castle category.

POSITIVE about ZombieSmash

  1. High-quality graphics and sound effects.
  2. Stimulates reasoning.
  3. Fun and easy-to-play.
  4. Four game modes.

NEGATIVE about ZombieSmash

  1. Repetitive scenes.
  2. Large number of ads.

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