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"Download the amazing tower defense game for free"

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Main Features of Tower Defense®

  1. Game Goal: Tower Defense® is a traditional defense tower game in which you need to protect your territory from alien attacks.
  2. How to play: After selecting the world and the game mode, you need to organize your army in order to protect your troops from aliens attacking your tower from all sides. In this game you must buy more powerful weapons.
  3. Game Options: You can play in four different game modes, and choose up to five worlds: mountains, desert, ice, crater and lava.
  4. Languages: English, French, and German.
  5. Content Classification: Ages 13+.
  6. Platform: Android smartphones and tablets.
  7. Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher.
  8. Size: 32.06 MB
  9. Operating System: Android
  10. Developer:   Com2uS - One of the most prominent developers on Google Play
  11. Recomendations: May feature mild use of bad language.
  12. Price details: Some upgrades are paid. Free
  13. Installation requirements: A minimum of 32.06 MB of free memory space and Android 2.2 or higher.

POSITIVE about Tower Defense®

  1. The graphics are well-drawn, and ideal for larger screens.
  2. It offers 40 types of missions and seven different maps.
  3. There are four game modes.

NEGATIVE about Tower Defense®

  1. The interface language is not available in all languages.
  2. Not saved automatically, so every time the device crashes, you lose all the progress made at the corresponding level.
  3. The game is not compatible with all Android devices.

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