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"Build a stunning aquarium shell by shell!"

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Main Features of Fishdom: Deep Dive

  1. Game Goal: In this fun game, a mix between management-style and bejeweled-style games, you can put together a lovely marine aquarium and buy fish, decorations and food to feed your ecosystem.
  2. How to Play: To earn money, buy fish and accessories; you have to move the right pieces in bejeweled-style, seabed-themed game.
  3. Graphics: An explosion of colors and fluid animations make this game easy on the eyes of kids and adults alike.
  4. Game play: A goldfish gracefully guides you from the start of the game to help you easily learn how to play.
  5. Controls: All commands are performed via the touching or sliding your finger on the screen.
  6. Languages: Multilingual interface, including English and Portuguese.
  7. Platform: Google Play, iOS Store.
  8. Size: 54M
  9. Operating System: Android
  10. Recomendations: Recommended for families.
  11. Price details: Free app with paid internal upgrades. Free
  12. Installation requirements: A minimum of 54M of free memory space and Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Rating: The TOP 1 Most popular games in Bejeweled category.

POSITIVE about Fishdom: Deep Dive

  1. Ideal for the little ones.
  2. Fast and lightweight app.
  3. Fun and colorful graphics.
  4. Hundreds of puzzles to solve.

NEGATIVE about Fishdom: Deep Dive

  1. Some levels can be quite complicated.
  2. Can freeze on some devices.

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Fishdom Lots,lots of fun!!!


Love having this game again

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