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"Prove your capable of surviving in the wild!"

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Main Features of Vast Survival (Multiplayer)

  1. Game Goal: You have to become a survivor to try to survive in the wild, where you have to face many dangers, such as animals, bad weather and other players.
  2. How to Play: In Survival you start almost naked with only a hammer. You can then move freely around the stage to find other objects to build tools, clothes or weapons.
  3. Game Options: It is an online multiplayer game where you can find servers with up to 26 players simultaneously. It also has a voice chat to talk to other players who can fight or form alliances.
  4. Game play: It has a lot of options and gives a sense of accomplishment and freedom but it especially stands out by allowing you to play with friends even if they have an iOS device.
  5. Languages: English interface.
  6. Size: 24M
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Developer:   HooDoo
  9. Recomendations: May contain mild nudity or violence in a fantasy setting.
  10. Price details: Payment required to access full features. Free
  11. Installation requirements: A minimum of 24M of free memory space and Android 2.3 or higher.

POSITIVE about Vast Survival (Multiplayer)

  1. You can play against users from all over the world.
  2. Entertaining and addictive gameplay.
  3. Easy and precise controls.

NEGATIVE about Vast Survival (Multiplayer)

  1. A good internet connection is required.
  2. Some errors may occur.
  3. Sometimes it's somewhat slow.

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