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“Become the one and only Chuck Norris!”

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Main Features of Nonstop Chuck Norris

  1. Game Goal: Fight with Chuck norris in fun battles against hundreds of enemies in order to save the universe.
  2. How to Play: Throw rotating kicks and special attacks. You can also use funny weapons like selfie sticks, which are deadly in Norris' hands.
  3. Game play: Besides having numerous levels, you have the challenge of finding costumes and accesories for Chuck, in addition to fun weapons like hams or bats.
  4. Controls: Touch screen controlled. Chuck moves automaticalle so you have to decide when to perform special attacks.
  5. Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese & Japanese interface.
  6. Size: No specification
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Version: 1.3.6
  9. Last updated on: 26-04-2017
  10. Recomendations: May contain very light references to violence.
  11. Price details: Some upgrades are paid. Free
  12. Installation requirements: Android 4.0.3 and the minimum space isn't specified.
  • Rating: The TOP 10 Most popular games in Fun Games category.

POSITIVE about Nonstop Chuck Norris

  1. The interface is attractive and user-friendly.
  2. Fast and entertaining matches.
  3. Free game with an option of in-app purchases.
  4. Great quality of graphics.
  5. Requires little memory space.

NEGATIVE about Nonstop Chuck Norris

  1. Features some ads.

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5 Opinions about Nonstop Chuck Norris

  • Scott

    Lots of fun

  • Christophe...

    I love this game

  • Sanny

    What else is there? kick ass

  • Cesar

    I like the game lol

  • Franklin

    The best game i ever played

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