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Toy Blast image

Toy Blast 1652

Combine blocks to progress in this great puzzle game.

Puzzle game in which you must combine blocks of the same color to achieve the objectives that get more ...

 |  Toy Game Free

My Talking Hank image

My Talking Hank

Talk, play and take care of Hank the puppy!

In this game you have to take care of the little puppy Hank on a tropical island where you need to take ...

 |  Pet Care Games Free

My Talking Angela image

My Talking Angela 1.9

Adopt your virtual pet and grow from kitten to cat

Follow the growth of a very cute cat, from kitten to adulthood. Take care of its feeding, bath it, give ...

 |  Pet Care Games Free

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 image

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Relive Harry Potter's first four years at Hogwarts, where you will discover magic alongside Ron, ...

 |  Harry Potter Puzzle US$ 4.99

Castle of Illusion image

Castle of Illusion 1.1.0

Immerse yourself in a world of illusions to save Minnie

In this classic Sega game, you must help the famous mouse face the obstacles of a house of illusions to ...

 |  Disney Games US$ 9.99

Where's My Water? image

Where's My Water? 1.14.1

Swampy wants to take a bath

In this Disney game, Where's My Water, the user has access to all the levels which according to the ...

 |  Where Is My Water US$ 1.99

Pocket Plants image

Pocket Plants 2.0.6

Grow amazing plants in this game with stunning graphics

Developer: Kongregate
Categories: Android games, Simulation Games, Games For Kids, Life Simulation Games, Time Management Games

 |  Time Management Games Free



Customize your Beyblade and defeat your rivals!

Android-powered phones and tablets.

 |  Fun Games Free

Kitty in the Box 2 image

Kitty in the Box 2 1.1

Sushi the cat needs your help in this platform game!

Help the kitten get into the golden box by completing different levels with obstacles that will ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Pocoyo Alphabet Free image

Pocoyo Alphabet Free 1.02

A great way for children to learn the alphabet

With this fun game the little ones can learn the alphabet and differentiate between lowercase and ...

 |  Memory Games Free

Sweet Baby Girl Daycare 4 image

Sweet Baby Girl Daycare 4 1.0.176

Look after several babies at the same time!

Developer: TutoTOONS
Categories: Android games, Games For Kids, Girl Games, Educational Games, Baby Games

 |  Baby Games Free

Fixies Town Games for Kids image

Fixies Town Games for Kids 1.5.0

Fun Android mini games for toddlers!

Developer: DevGame Studio
Categories: Android games, Adventure Games, Games For Kids

 |  Games For Kids Free

Fantasy Forest: True Love! image

Fantasy Forest: True Love! 1.7.0

Breed the cutest magical creatures you'll ever see!

Journey to a fantastic world where you have to discover legendary animals and raise and grow them.

 |  Horse Games Free

Sweet Baby Girl Pop Stars image

Sweet Baby Girl Pop Stars 1.0.74

Turn this baby girl into a sweet popstar!

Developer: TutoTOONS
Categories: Android games, Games For Kids, Girl Games, Educational Games, Baby Games

 |  Baby Games Free

Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 image

Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 1.1.3

The slugs need your help to return home!

In this new edition of Slugterra you have to combine similar elements to help ensure the balance of the ...

 |  Puzzles for Kids Free

Toontastic 3D image

Toontastic 3D 1.0.0

Tell a story by creating your own cartoons!

Children can create their own stories and unleash your imagination because it allows them to play freely ...

 |  Interactive Games Free

Pixel Painter image

Pixel Painter

Paint precise pixel designs and prove your skills!

You'll have to test your drawing skills in this fun online game where you compete against other users to ...

 |  Drawing Games Free

Ludo King™ image

Ludo King™ 1.6

The official game of Ludo King now on Android!

This is the classic game of Ludo, which like the board game, you will have to try to be the first to get ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks image

Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks 1.1

Hop on Thomas and explore fun mini games!

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the company of friendly trains such as Thomas, Emily and Raul, ...

 |  Toy Game Free

Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever image

Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever 1.3.1

A great compilation of fun mini games!

You have to control the grouchy grumpy cat and try to overcome numerous mini-games where you must test ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Glitch Fixers: Powerpuff Girls image

Glitch Fixers: Powerpuff Girls 1.0.0

Help the Powerpuff Girls fix the internet!

Blossom and Buttercup were sent to the Internet and can not use any kind of superpower to return to the ...

 |  Powerpuff Girls Games Free

LEGO® Friends Maker Studio image

LEGO® Friends Maker Studio 1.2.20

A great game for girls to get creative!

The app is perfect for stimulating creativity in children, who can decorate their own photos.

 |  Photo Editor Free

Amateur Surgeon 4 image

Amateur Surgeon 4 1.3.2

Become a surgeon and operate without mercy!

In this fun game you have to become a novice surgeon and carry out impossible operations and do it with ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Supermarket Manager Kids Games image

Supermarket Manager Kids Games 2.0.0

Become an important employee of a supermarket!

In this fun game, children must manage a supermarket with the goal of leaving customers satisfied always.

 |  Fun Games Free

Candy Blast Mania: Toy Land image

Candy Blast Mania: Toy Land 1.6.2

The sliding puzzle fans will love the challenges of this incredible game that will surprise you with ...

 |  Sliding Puzzle Free

Keepy Ducky image

Keepy Ducky 0.96

Help this duck stay in the air as long as possible!

You'll have to aim to try to keep several ducks in the air but with the difference that you should do it ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Super Slam - POGS Battle image

Super Slam - POGS Battle 1.03.11

Pogs are back in town, so start playing!

You can relive the nineties by launching tazos to try to bring down your opponents' towers in order to ...

 |  Battle Games Free

High Risers image

High Risers 3.0

Bounce 'till you reach the top of your office!

You have to try to move up in your work by literally jumping up to the top of the building.

 |  Fun Games Free

LEGO® Elves: Adventures image

LEGO® Elves: Adventures 3.0.0

Only you can save Elvendale!

You'll have to travel to Elvendale to help Emily to defeat Ragana and rescue the Dragon Queen. To do so ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Barbie Kawaii Vs Rock Style image

Barbie Kawaii Vs Rock Style 1.1

Barbie has become a rockstar!

Developer: Alex and Co
Categories: Android games, Games For Kids, Girl Games, Barbie Games

 |  Barbie Games Free

Skylanders™ Creator image

Skylanders™ Creator 1.1

Create and share your Skylanders characters!

This is an addition to the game Skylanders Imaginators. Create new Skylanders from scratch where the ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 image

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

Join Harry, Hermione and Ron in their last three years in Hogwarts up to the final battle against Voldemort.

 |  Harry Potter Puzzle US$ 4.99

Appisodes: Road Rally image

Appisodes: Road Rally 1.3.2

A fun & immersive Game with Mickey Mouse!

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Disney Games Free

Asterix and Friends image

Asterix and Friends 1.4.3

Build a fantastic city in Asterix!

You'll have to travel to the Galia occupied by the Romans to take care of raising your own village with ...

 |  House Building Games Free

He-Man™ Tappers of Grayskull™ image

He-Man™ Tappers of Grayskull™ 2.1.1

Battle Skeletor and his dark magic!

Embark on an adventure in the magical world of Eternia to help He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Powerpuff Girls ❤ Mojo Madness image

Powerpuff Girls ❤ Mojo Madness 1.0.18

Help the Powerpuff Girls stop the evil Mojo Jojo!

Developer: GlobalFun Games
Categories: Arcade Games , Cartoon Network Games, Fun Games, Games For Kids, Powerpuff Girls Games

 |  Powerpuff Girls Games Free

Hidden my game by mom image

Hidden my game by mom 1.0.2

Find & use items to solve this boy's troubles!

Use your wits to help the boy protagonist find his game console that was hidden by his mom, always in a ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Zootopia Crime Files image

Zootopia Crime Files 1.3.0

Solve mysteries with animals of Zootropolis!

You have to test your detective skills and try to help Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde solve various crimes in ...

 |  Disney Games Free

Hamster Islands - clicker game image

Hamster Islands - clicker game 1.11

A funny & cute game for hamster lovers!

Journey to a world full of hamsters where you have to feed the little ones to make them grow, having to ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Chicky Chicken image

Chicky Chicken 1.44

Guide this chicken & help it avoid obstacles!

Developer: GetRekt Studios
Categories: Fun Games, Games For Kids, Jumping Games, Platform Games, Skill Games

 |  Fun Games Free

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