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I am mother of two kids who loves using her tablet as a tool – whether an education tool with her little ones or a cooking/DIY idea generator around the home.
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"A multiplayer challenge that combines strategy and action"

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Main Features of Dragon Project

  1. Game Goal: Dive into a fantasy wolrd where you'll become a master hunter in the kingdom of Heiland. Your task is to embark on a dangerous adventure filled with dragons and monsters. 
  2. How to Play: Create your own character and then complete an array of different missions and tasks. Successfully completing missions will give you rewards to spend on improving your character, weapons and armor to become more powerful. 
  3. Game play: Has a simple but practical tutorial to help you learn the basics of the game although the major stand-out point is the cooperative multiplayer mode. This lets you battle side-by-side with others to help you defeat your enemies.
  4. Languages: English. 
  5. Size: 65M
  6. Operating System: Android
  7. Developer:   goGame
  8. Recomendations: May contain mild nudity or violence in a fantasy setting.
  9. Price details: Payment required to access full features. Free
  10. Installation requirements: A minimum of 65M of free memory space and Android 4.1 or higher.

POSITIVE about Dragon Project

  1. Colorful and well-drawn graphics.
  2. You can play against people all around the world.
  3. Features a progressive level of difficulty.
  4. The controls are simple and accurate.

NEGATIVE about Dragon Project

  1. A good internet connection is required.
  2. It can be slow at times.

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