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Main Features of SkillTwins Football Game 2

Game Goal:

SkillTwins Football Game 2 is the exciting sequel to the first game where we return to the journey of two upcoming football stars Josef and Jakob, and help them climb their way to legend status by competing across the world from the U.S, China, Europe and Egypt.

How to Play:

In order to succeed the player must overcome numerous challenges and obstacles and increase their score by scoring goals in high-stakes matches. By winning the player can unlock new items to further customise your players and team branding, as well as unlock new playable content.


The game features colourful and exciting toon-styled graphics and depicts numerous large sports stadiums across the world where intense matches take place with appealing visuals. The player can also express themselves by customising their athletes and team branding.


The player controls the athletes by using on-screen controls in order to dictate the desired direction of the character, the player can then control where the ball is passed with directional buttons on the right hand side.


The games interface is available in English.


189 MB

Operating System:



Hello There AB is based in Sweden


Ideal for children under the age of 3.


A completely free app. Free

Installation requirements:

A minimum of 189 MB of free memory space and Android 4.1 or higher.


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POSITIVE about SkillTwins Football Game 2

The game features intuitive and responsive controls.
The game has a great progression system with new levels and items.
The game has appealing graphics.

NEGATIVE about SkillTwins Football Game 2

The only language supported is English.

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