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Main features of TerraGenesis - Space Colony

Game Goal:

Prepare to travel to space in order to colonize planets. You'll need to terraform them so that they're habitable though.

How to Play:

You have to choose between four factions with different characteristics. After that, you'll create a habitat for your settlers that must be maintained.

Game play:

The game is based on real NASA science and data.  You'll start with planets in our solar system and then branch out to colonize new worlds.


English among others.


182 MB

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Attractive, easy-to-handle interface.
High quality graphics
Ideal for strategy lovers.
Large amount of elements to consider.


It takes some time to load.
It takes up a lot of memory.
At some point, you'll need to pay if you want to keep playing.

Useful Tips

The game teaches you the basics. However, you can check out YouTube for videos on how to play.