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"Get ahead in games by injecting code in real time"

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Main Features of GameGuardian

  1. App description: GameGuardian is a tool that allows the user to modify the content of Android games to have access to various improvements.
  2. Functions: The user can enter codes to modify the parameters of the game, for example, increase the number of lives or unlock items or accessories.
  3. How to use: After rooting the device, access GameGuardian while playing and select the code that allows the user to modify different parameters of the game.
  4. Languages: English.
  5. Recommendations: If the user is a minor, adult supervision is advisable.
  6. Size: 11.87MB
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Price details: No in-app purchases. Free
  9. Installation requirements: A minimum of 11.87MB of free memory space and Android 2.3 or higher.

POSITIVE about GameGuardian

  1. It offers an integrated search system to select codes.
  2. It is updated frequently.
  3. Allows you to modify various game parameters.

NEGATIVE about GameGuardian

  1. Requires rooting.
  2. No multilingual support.
  3. Unattractive interface.

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