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"Can you survive the attacks in this virtual naval battle?"

Screenshots of Warships Universe: Naval Battle

Main Features of Warships Universe: Naval Battle

  1. Game Goal: Warships Universe: Naval Battle is an MMO set in World War II and offers the dynamics of the classic naval battle game in online clashes.
  2. How to Play: The player must attempt to sink one or more ships while participating in matches against other players online. To do this, you will need to use all available weapons. Online PvP battles of to 12 players, who face each other in groups of 6 vs. 6.
  3. Graphics: The 3D scenarios reproduce real-world locations and vessels from various countries.
  4. Sound: The sound effects make the battles quite realistic.
  5. Game play: The game comes with a tutorial. By gaining experience, the player can participate in missions to expand fleets, evolve and get new equipment.
  6. Controls: The player must slide his finger on the screen to aim and press the buttons to shoot and perform other actions.
  7. Languages: English interface.
  8. Size: 21M
  9. Operating System: Android
  10. Recomendations: May contain mild nudity or violence in a fantasy setting.
  11. Price details: Paid upgrades within the app. Free
  12. Installation requirements: A minimum of 21M of free memory space and Android OS which Varies with device.

Useful Tips Warships Universe: Naval Battle

  1. To receive money and gems, players can share the codes provided by the game.
  2. The menu in the upper right corner includes the "Play with friend" option, which allows you to invite a friend to join an existing game or create a new game.

POSITIVE about Warships Universe: Naval Battle

  1. High-quality graphics.
  2. Includes a tutorial for beginners.
  3. Realistic battles.

NEGATIVE about Warships Universe: Naval Battle

  1. No multilingual support.
  2. Requires an internet connection.

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