Best Birthday Calendars apps for Android (6 applications)

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar

An easy-to-use calendar for Android without ads

Developer: Simple Mobile Tools
Categories: Birthday Calendars, Calendar, Productivity , Simple Calendar, Tools 

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Proton Calendar: Daily Planner  APK

Proton Calendar: Daily Planner

Developer: Proton AG
Categories: Android apps, Birthday Calendars, Calendar, Productivity , Simple Calendar

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aCalendar - Android Calendar

aCalendar - Android Calendar

Plan your day with this useful calendar

A calendar that lets you organize your schedule and use many of configuration options to always be on ...

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Birthday Reminder  APK

Birthday Reminder

Setup a reminder for birthdays, anniversary and weddings using this app

Birthday Reminder is a social application that allows the user to create and receive reminders about the ...

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Cal - Google Calendar + Widget  APK

Cal - Google Calendar + Widget

A beautiful, precise and intuitive calendar for Android.

This is a calendar that lets you organize everything; it prevents you from forgetting anything so you ...

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MyCalendar  APK


Import all birthdays from Facebook!

MyCalendar Free is the most popular Facebook calendar to store birthdays of friends and customize ...

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