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Easier and faster than the Facebook app

Facebook Messenger is a communication application focussed on SMSs and Facebook messages in a single place.

 |  Facebook Notifications Free

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Snapchat 10.2.1

This image will self-destruct in 5 seconds

Snapchat is an instant messaging app that lets you send photos and videos to your contacts, but has the ...

 |  Messenger Free

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Bitmoji 10.2.32

Bitmoji is your own personal Emoji for your Android!

Create your own avatar and personalize your messages from a growing library of emojis featuring you.

 |  Chat Free

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WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.301

A quick and convenient way to communicate without spending

WhatsApp Messenger is a communication app designed for smartphones that allows users to send messages ...

 |  WhatsApp Messenger Free

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Google Play Games

Have fun with Google Play Games on your Mobile

Manage all the games on your Android from a single application that allows you to even interact with ...

 |  Google+ Free

Yahoo Mail – Free Email App image

Yahoo Mail – Free Email App 5.7.1

All features of Yahoo on your phone

Yahoo! Mail is an application that allows quick access to all the user's Yahoo! email accounts.

 |  Yahoo Chat Free

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Kik 10.13.1

Exchange messages quickly and safely

Kik Messenger is a very fast, simple, and personal instant messaging app for smartphones, which connects ...

 |  Kik Messenger Free

Skype - free IM & video calls image

Skype - free IM & video calls

High-quality and cheap calls

Skype is an application which lets users make phone calls or video calls for free or at very low cost ...

 |  Skype Free

Emoji Keyboard-Emoticons,Color image

Emoji Keyboard-Emoticons,Color 4.2.2

Download extra smileys for your Android phone's keyboard

Access, on your smartphone's keyboard, an incredible variety of smileys and emojis to make your emails ...

 |  Emoticons Free

Google Docs image

Google Docs

The way to edit documents that Google offers

With the official Google Docs app, you can create and edit documents in Word, Excel or Powerpoint ...

 |  Google+ Free

Microsoft Outlook Preview image

Microsoft Outlook Preview 2.1.145

Easily manage your e-mails, calendars and contacts.

It lets you manage your Microsoft Outlook e-mail account on your Android device, to read, send and ...

 |  Calendar Free

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Google Earth

The whole world in the palm of your hand

Google Earth is a utility in which you can view photos, maps, routes, cities and other places in real ...

 |  Google Earth Free

imo free video calls and text image

imo free video calls and text 9.8.000000005031

We will share pictures and videos

Now you can send messages to and connect with your friends and family as often as you want without ...

 |  Messenger Free

Firefox Browser for Android image

Firefox Browser for Android

The features of Firefox on your Android

Firefox is a Web browser from Mozilla that lets you access the Internet through your Android device.

 |  Firefox Free

Chrome Browser - Google image

Chrome Browser - Google

The speed and features of Chrome on Android

Google Chrome Browser is a communications app that lets you surf the Internet on your Android device.

 |  Google+ Free

Text Free SMS Texting MMS App image

Text Free SMS Texting MMS App

Text your friends and family with TextFree

Developer: Pinger Inc
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Social , SMS

 |  SMS Free

Google Duo image

Google Duo

Discover Google's new app to make videocalls!

Video call family and friends quickly and easily at any moment.

 |  Google+ Free

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Viber 5.5.2

Calls and free text messages.

Viber is an application that allows efficient communication via the Internet by providing high quality ...

 |  Instant Messenger Free

Google Wallet image

Google Wallet 9.0

Manage your payment options with Google Wallet

Nothing is more practical than a virtual wallet to shop online or even send money to friends and family.

 |  Google Wallet Free

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Developer: Three
Categories: Android apps, Communication 

 |  Communication  Free

Google Calendar image

Google Calendar 201404014

Sync your device with Google using Google Calendar

Use your smartphone to check professional or social gatherings, in addition to displaying the exact ...

 |  Google+ Free

Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) image

Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) 1.8.154

Thorough diagnosis on your android

Torque Pro (OBD2) is a utility application that evaluates the performance of the car in real time.

 |  Communication  US$ 4.95

FoxFi Key (supports PdaNet) image

FoxFi Key (supports PdaNet) 1.03

Access all the functions of your FoxFi and PdaNet

Developer: FoxFi Service
Categories: Android apps, Communication 

 |  Communication  US$ 7.73

WolframAlpha image

WolframAlpha 1.3.0

Calculates everything you can imagine

WolframAlpha calculates everything you can imagine. Use a wide collection of algorithms and data to ...

 |  Search Engine US$ 2.99

TeamSpeak 3 image

TeamSpeak 3 3.0.23

Talk to your friends on many social networks

Developer: TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
Categories: Android apps, Communication 

 |  Communication  US$ 1.99

AntiVirus PRO Android Security image

AntiVirus PRO Android Security

Download the AVG Antivirus for Android app

Developer: AVG Mobile technologies
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Tools , Mobile security, Antivirus

 |  Antivirus US$ 14.99

Noah Camera - Show Your Selfie image

Noah Camera - Show Your Selfie 1.23

An image editor for your Facebook Messenger

Runs on Android phones or tablets.

 |  X-Ray Camera Free

Trello - Organize Anything image

Trello - Organize Anything 4.0.0

For those who enjoy working in a well-organized way

Trello, a management tool with super powers, is simple to use and extremely flexible. You will know ...

 |  Agenda Free

ICQ - Free video calls & chat image

ICQ - Free video calls & chat

Ease of links and messaging.

ICQ lets you chat with all your friends in one app that is both comfortable and free, so you can forget ...

 |  Calls Free

Fleksy Keyboard - Happy Typing image

Fleksy Keyboard - Happy Typing 5.3.7

Type faster with the Fleksy keyboard

An alternative to the native Android keyboard that features large keys, a powerful prediction engine, ...

 |  Word Prediction US$ 1.99

Wunderlist - To-do & Task List image

Wunderlist - To-do & Task List 3.3.9

Create to-do lists with this app

A quick and easy way to manage and share day-to-day tasks. The user can create groups with co-workers or ...

 |  Task Reminder Free

textPlus Free Text + Calls image

textPlus Free Text + Calls 6.3.5

Free Calls and messages

With textPlus you can chat with anybody in the world for free. Turn your device into a telephone for ...

 |  Calls Free

Minions Emoticons image

Minions Emoticons 1.0.0

Get the cutest Minions on your keyboard!

Developer: Forta-apps
Categories: Communication , Emoticons, Humor, Lifestyle, SMS

 |  Emoticons Free

Email - Fast & Secure mail (Unreleased) image

Email - Fast & Secure mail (Unreleased) 1.0.2

Simple & intuitive app for all your email accounts

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Gmail Free

Listen -  Voice Only SNS image

Listen - Voice Only SNS 2.1.4

Record your voice & share stories with your friends!

Developer: CONBUS
Categories: Android apps, Communication 

 |  Communication  Free

Pinngle image

Pinngle 1.1.6

Talk for free with friends using this great app!

Developer: Pinngle
Categories: Communication , Instant Messenger, SMS, Video Call, Voice Call

 |  Instant Messenger Free

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlock image

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlock

Browse securely with this fast and free web browser!

Use Brave Browser to surf the web quickly and safely on your Android.

 |  Search Engine Free

Trusted Contacts image

Trusted Contacts 1.0.

Easily share content with your most trusted contacts!

Use Android to establish a direct channel with friends and family you trust, even offline.

 |  Parental Control Free

Google VR Services image

Google VR Services

Discover Google's official VR app!

With this application you can synchronize your phone with Daydream View glasses and install a driver to ...

 |  Google+ Free

Flash Alerts LED - Call, SMS image

Flash Alerts LED - Call, SMS 1.0.3

Take full control of your smartphone notifications

Developer: RV AppStudios
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Tools , SMS

 |  SMS Free

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