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Watch what you eat to control your weight

Developer: Fitbit, Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness, Family Health

 |  Family Health Free



Take control of your mental health with the support of MindSpa

Developer: Mind Solutions Ltd
Categories: Health - Fitness, Mental Health, Mental Health Help, Mental Health Services, Phobias

 |  Phobias Free

Family Health Compass  APK

Family Health Compass

Get a useful assistant for your daily workouts on Android easily today

Developer: Prestigio Plaza Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness, Tools , Family Health, Compass

 |  Compass Free

Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter

Lose weight with this daily calorie counter!

Developer: NutraTech Ltd
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness, Family Health, Fitness, Sports Tracker

 |  Sports Tracker Free

Aqualert:Water Tracker Intake Reminder Google Fit

Aqualert:Water Tracker Intake Reminder Google Fit

Get a helpful reminder to help you drink enough water!

Know how much water you need to drink each day according to personal parameters such as your gender, ...

 |  Nutrition Free



Developer: Ministerio de Salud de Bs.As
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness, Family Health, Health Management

 |  Health Management Free



Developer: Fundación Carlos Slim
Categories: Android apps, Health - Fitness, Family Health, Headache, Occupational Health

 |  Occupational Health Free

Hair Care Tips✪Loss✪Fall✪Guide

Hair Care Tips✪Loss✪Fall✪Guide

A complete guide for tips to prevent hair loss

Developer: AtomicApps
Categories: Family Health, Hair Loss, Health - Fitness, Loss, Medical

 |  Hair Loss Free

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Lose weight by eating a proper diet

As you probably already know, you can't get a beautiful, trim figure without proper nutrition and consuming the right amount of calories every single day. It's not easy. However, it just got easier with these excellent Android calorie-counting tools! ... more

How to develop a useful habit

Make your life more productive and acquire a number of useful habits that seemed unattainable. Start playing sports, learn a new language and achieve absolutely any goal, making it an integral part of your existence! ... more

Consume the right amount of water every day!

Take care of the amount of water intake that your body needs by pumping your smartphone with useful reminders that will help you drink enough water every day. Discover the best water balance trackers for Android and improve your health! ... more

Stay in shape without leaving home!

Are you worried about getting fat while confined to your home? If so, check out this collection of fitness apps that will help you stay in shape without having to go to the gym! Who knows, you might even get better results working out on your own! ... more

Sync a fitness bracelet with an Android smartphone

Do you play sports and are you the proud owner of a fitness bracelet? If so, you need to synchronize it with your Android smartphone! You can do this with one of these awesome applications for fitness bracelets! ... more

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