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Main features of Classic Tetris

Game Goal:

Looking for a beloved puzzle experience on the go? Classic Tetris is the game for you, featuring the retro gameplay you know and love with a modern twist and presentation ready to be enjoyed on the go or at home.

How to Play:

In order to succeed at the game, you must take the current piece you are given and connect it with the available position on screen. Your goal is to correclty connect as many pieces as possible in order to clear extra space and keep your falling blocks from overflowing the screen.

Game Options:

The game features a single classic game mode.


The game features a colorful and appealing visual style with satisfying animations.


The game features an exciting and fun soundscape, with sounds that help you during gameplay.

Game play:

The app sports the beloved gameplay of the Tetris games with a modern and vibrant visual flair and unique gameplay twists such as faster and harder stage progression.


The game features intuitive controls allowing you to move the current tetris piece to the desired place on screen with touch buttons. You can also rotate the pieces freely and then drop them to the desired location quickly.


The language support is limited.


63 MB

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The interface is simple and appealing.
The game provides a fun level of challenge.


The game controls could be smoother.