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Sky Wars for Blockman Go

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Main features of Sky Wars for Blockman Go

Game Goal:

Wild islands where you'll have to survive either alone or as part of a team by waging deadly battles against your enemies.

How to Play:

After landing, you have to make your way through the map to find items and weapons. Keep in mind that your enemies are doing the same thing. The last person standing is the winner.

Game Options:

It only has a multiplayer mode and requires a good connection to the internet.


The fluid graphics are inspired by Minecraft.


The left button allows you to move the character, while the right button is used to pick up and shoot objects.


139 MB

Operating System:




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Play alone or as part of a team.
Several possible strategies.
Includes dozens of weapons and special items.


Paid users take advantage of those playing in free mode.

Useful Tips

One possible tactic is to let other players fight each other to face a single opponent. Check out YouTube for more information on how to play.