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I am mother of two kids who loves using her tablet as a tool – whether an education tool with her little ones or a cooking/DIY idea generator around the home.
I have great feedback about productivity apps and ways to make your Android work for you.

"Get hold of the enemy pieces and dominate the board"

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Main Features of Dr. Reversi

  1. Game Goal: Dr. Reversi is a puzzle game in which you must have the most pieces at the end of the match.
  2. How to play: The game consists in making your opponent's pieces your own. You need to analize the board at all times to avoid losing parts and to get more pieces.
  3. Graphics: It looks as if the player is dealing with a physical board and physical pieces.
  4. Sound: Sound effects appear every time a move is made. It is as if they were a reminder - they don't contribute anything to the game.
  5. Languages: English.
  6. Content Classification: Recommended for all age groups, especially for those who enjoy reasoning games.
  7. Platform: Android phones and tablets.
  8. Requirements: Android 2.3.3 or higher.
  9. Size: 4,5M
  10. Operating System: Android
  11. Recomendations: Does not include loud startling sounds.
  12. Price details: Free app with no internal purchases. Free
  13. Installation requirements: A minimum of 4,5M of free memory space and Android 2.3.3 or higher.

POSITIVE about Dr. Reversi

  1. The graphics are very immersive.
  2. The game lets you earn virtual coins that can be used in other games.
  3. It is good training for your brain.

NEGATIVE about Dr. Reversi

  1. The sound contributes little to the player experience.

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Good Nyc game


Really fun game u should get it

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