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"Find free streams for your favorite shows with Mobdro!"

Main Features of Mobdro Online TV

  1. App description: A wide catalog of online television channels where you can enjoy series, films, documentaries, sports, news, and more.
  2. Functions: Offers a wide variety of categories to choose from. There are even series that play continuously. However, you won't be able to choose which episode to watch.
  3. Activities: Create a list of your favorites channels from all over the world.
  4. Languages: English among others.
  5. Size: 25.53 MB
  6. Operating System: Android
  7. Price details: Free app with no internal purchases. Free
  • Rating: The TOP 10 Most popular Apps in TV Online category.
  • Ranking: The TOP 5 Most downloaded applications in TV Online category.

Useful Tips Mobdro Online TV

  1. The app is easy to use. However, you can check out YouTube for videos on how it works.

POSITIVE about Mobdro Online TV

  1. Good image quality
  2. Large variety of content to choose from.
  3. Attractive interface and easy to handle.
  4. Doesn't take up a lot of memory.

NEGATIVE about Mobdro Online TV

  1. You need a good Internet connection.
  2. Some channels aren't very clear.

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7 Opinions about Mobdro Online TV


I bought USB for eBay compatible for android I can't wait to arrive and install this Mobdro app. find out about it on whatsapp group. I gave 5 star because what I heard about.


Defnitely one of the best live tv streaming apps out there. What would really put it over the top is if it was available as a XBMC add-on.



We're glad that you like it!

To check out more information about potential updates, check the developers site.

Also, you can try to e-mail the developers at info@mobdro.com to provide feedback and/or suggestions to make it an XBMC add-on.


In my previous review


Great I Love this app


The best app out there


Can't praise mobdro highly enough


Recommend to anyone

42 Questions about Mobdro Online TV

Marion hillman

How can I get Mobdro for my MacBook



Hi Marion,

Unfortunately, this app is not available for Mac devices at the moment. Alternatives available in the Apple Store are, for example, TV(FREE) or TVCathup Live TV.

Team AndroidOut



Hi why I can't find the apps on playstore on my android xperia m3




In general, there can be several reasons. Make sure that the app you are looking for is available in your region. If you can't find a particular app's name, it is possible it has been changed and you can try a general google search before you search the store. Or, like in the case of Mobdro TV, the app has been removed from Google Play Store and it is highly probable it will not be available through the store again.

You can either search for an APK file to download be app (however, watch out for viruses) or download the app from the official Mobdro page.

Team AndroidOut



How do i put it on my motorola xoom tablet its a 3.1.2



Hi Leeford

This app is no longer available on Google Play. You can download it directly from the MODBRO's developers website . The instruction to download are on the site.

Team AndroidOut



Can I get this app on iPad



Hi Keith,

Unfortunately, this app is not available for Apple devices, however, there are existing alternatives in the Apple Store such as TV(FREE) or TVCathup Live TV .

Team AndroidOut



I can stream mobdro to my TV from my s5 but the picture quality isn't great. Is there any way to improve it? Is the quality better if I go premium?



Ps I'm streaming through chromecast



Hi Lisa

In this instance, we recommend you to contact the developer support link directly at support@mobdro.com

Team AndroidOut




Where has MUTV gone????



Hi Paul

This app is no longer available on Google Play - this could have been for Google policy reasons or a the developers could have taken it down themselves as a lot of people experienced problems with this app. However, you can check out these alternatives:

Tunity: Hear any mute TV

Team AndroidOut



Why does chromecast never work, and we're can I pay for mobdro pro version. It always says coming soon but never does?



Hi Wayne,

If your Chromecast doesn't work properly you should contact the manufacturer as it is not in our power to fix this issue. However, Mobdro TV should work with Chromecast, if it is configured properly. Modbro will automatically detect your device and will show the icon at
the top of the navigation bar. In regards to the release of the PRO version, please contact the developer direclty: support@mobdro.com 

AndroidOut Team



I have downloaded Mobdro to my android box but there is constantly a pop up about boost my andriod speed , why is this ?



Hello Ian,

The minimal system requirements for this app are 4.0 or higher. It is also possible that your memory is too full in order to allow for fluid streaming. If the problem persists you may contact the developer's support service at support@mobdro.com 

AndroidOut Team



Great great great.



Can you download to Samsung smart tv



Hi Harry,

Mobdro Online TV is an android app not yet available for Samsung smart TV. However, you can check out this video tutorial that shows how to instal mobile apps on Samsung TV.

AndroidOut Team



Why does it keep saying cannot connect when Wi-Fi is full and everything else connects?



Hi James,

We're sorry to hear you're running into a problem with Mobdro Online TV.

Please contact their customer support directly at info@mobdro.com for troubleshooting help.

AndroidOut Team


Questions and opinions about Mobdro Online TV