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Main Features of Password Manager SafeInCloud™

App description:

This is a password manager that remembers them for you so that you don't forget; it also helps you to create more secure passwords.


The application stores your passwords encrypted in the cloud, allowing you to sync with different browsers and devices, whether you are using your phone, tablet or computer.


You can use the fingerprint scanner to unlock the application (if your phone has this feature) and can analyze your passwords to know how safe they are; it will help you to make safe passwords if needed.


Multi-language interface available in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, and more more.


Ideal for those looking to save time entering passwords everytime they log on anywhere.


Android smartphones and tablets.


Android 4.1 or higher.


Varies with device

Operating System:




Recommended for families.

Price details:

US$ 7.99

Installation requirements:

The minimum memory space and Android OS required 0.

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POSITIVE about Password Manager SafeInCloud™

Very safe application.
Syncs with multiple devices.
Very attractive, user-friendly interface.
Ideal for not having to remember various passwords.
The PC version is free.

NEGATIVE about Password Manager SafeInCloud™

Some users may find it expensive.