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The Visitor: Ep.1 - Kitty Cat Carnage

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Main features of The Visitor: Ep.1 - Kitty Cat Carnage

Game Goal:

Looking for a unique horror game? The Visitor: Ep.1 - Kitty Cat Carnage is a highly entertaining puzzle game that's guaranteed to give you a fright, allowing you to take control of an alien and devour an innocent old womans pet cats to power up!

How to Play:

Your job as the player is to explore the old womans home and solve entertaining puzzles in order to find new and scary ways to consume her cute pet cats before finally defeating the old lady in order to end the game.


The game features an interesting and impressive hand-drawn art style.


The game features a gripping and immersive soundscape that punctuates the gameplay.

Game play:

The game provides a variety of interesting puzzles and gameplay elements to enjoy, as well as numerous story outcomes to experience.


The game features easy to use tap inputs and gesture commands.


The app interface supports English.


No specification

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The game has multiple endings to enjoy.


The game can be buggy.
The app is not suitable for minors.
The game can be quite violent.

Useful Tips

Be aware that this games content can be gruesome and disturbing.