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Rolling Sky image

Rolling Sky 1.6.7

Roll the ball through a path full of obstacles

You must use all your skill to control a ball in order to go through levels full of obstacles and traps. ...

 |  Speed Games Free

Piano Tiles 2 (beta) image

Piano Tiles 2 (beta) 3.0.0

Play the piano and train your reflexes!

You must click on the piano keys as they appear on the screen to play some of the most famous classical ...

 |  Speed Games Free

Geometry Dash Lite image

Geometry Dash Lite 2.121

Steer your rocket through dangerous platforms

You have to go through different levels jumping and flying through a world created with geometric shapes.

 |  Speed Games Free

Color Switch image

Color Switch 10.2.0

Swap colors to complete these fun puzzles

Focus carefully on making a ball go through colored, constantly spinning and moving obstacles, paying ...

 |  Stress Games Free

Two Dots image

Two Dots

Connect the two dots togther to create different things

On each screen you have to achieve a certain objective score of points of each color, to which you must ...

 |  Logic Puzzles Free

Mmm Fingers 2 image

Mmm Fingers 2 1.1

Overcome all obstacles against the monsters and defeat each level

Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
Categories: Arcade Games , Focus Games, Monster Games, Skill Games, Stress Games

 |  Stress Games Free

SplashUp! image

SplashUp! 1.1.0

Spread paint on a surface and use your logic to escape!

Developer: GameCream
Categories: Android games, Arcade Games , Skill Games, Attention Games, Focus Games

 |  Focus Games Free

Loop image

Loop 1.0

Keep the ball bouncing! Draw symbols to remove obstacles

Loop is a relaxing arcade game that will test your logical reasoning.

 |  Focus Games Free

BeatEVO YG image

BeatEVO YG 1.1.34

The perfect game for K-Pop fans!

In this fun game of skill you'll need to not only listen to your favorite music but also succeed in ...

 |  Guitar Hero Free

Rolling Snail - Drawing Puzzle image

Rolling Snail - Drawing Puzzle 1.2.5

Put your physics to the test and solve these puzzles

Help the snail escape from home! Guide him by drawing the way to the end of each level.

 |  Stress Games Free

Pictionary™ image

Pictionary™ 1.19.0

The best sketch & guess board game on your Android!

Test your drawing skills and have fun with this online divination game that unites people from around ...

 |  Word Games Free

Crazy AA image

Crazy AA 3.0

A fun & action filled game for everyone

In this challenge of attention and reflexes, your mission is to unlock each phase making precise and ...

 |  Stress Relieving Games Free

Dominocity image

Dominocity 0.5.7

Create your own domino effect!

You have to place dominoes so that you can then create a city with the goal of getting all the chips to ...

 |  Domino Games Free

Dots & Co: A Puzzle Adventure image

Dots & Co: A Puzzle Adventure 2.13.1

A tricky puzzle game set in amazing landscapes!

Combine the maximum number of dots of the same color, but keep in mind that you can only do it ...

 |  Shape Game Free

The Hunger Games Adventures image

The Hunger Games Adventures 1.0.39

In this case, the prize is survival.

The Hunger Games Adventure is a skill game in which you need to gather resources and overcome the ...

 |  Focus Games Free

Temple Run: Oz image

Temple Run: Oz 1.7.0

Run as fast as you can in the world of Oz

Temple Run: Oz is an adapted pair of Temple Run 2 the world of Oz movie version: Mighty and Powerful, by ...

 |  Reaction Time Test US$ 1.99 image 1.9.1

Control your own tiny cell and eat other organisms!

Control a ball and try to absorb smaller balls, all the while avoiding having yours absorbed by bigger ...

 |  Stress Games Free

aa image


Use your brain power to solve all the puzzles in aa

Solve a series of puzzles where you must insert the lines into a small indent within a spinning wheel.

 |  Focus Games Free

Jewels Switch image

Jewels Switch 1.8

The power of magic jewels in your hands!

Jewels Saga is a game of skill in which the user has to combine up to three jewels in order to remove a ...

 |  Bejeweled Free

Gummy Drop! image

Gummy Drop! 3.3.0

Match all falling treats and earn the highest score

Match of 3 or more jellies of the same color to make them disappear and get the points you need to ...

 |  Focus Games Free

Jelly Jump image

Jelly Jump 1.4

See how high you can get in Jelly Jump!

You have to get the gelatin cube as high as possible by jumping on platforms, avoiding falling or being ...

 |  Jumping Games Free

100 Balls image

100 Balls 10.0.4

Test your skills and try to trap all 100 balls!

You should get the balls into the cups to score points, avoiding them from falling and losing them forever.

 |  Speed Games Free

Genies & Gems image

Genies & Gems 62.27.106

An enchanting take on a popular match-3 puzzle!

Travel to a magical world where you need to make combinations of at least 3 gems of the same type to ...

 |  Shape Game Free

Juice Jam image

Juice Jam

Match the fruits to advance to new levels!

You have to help the protagonist serve fruit juice to their clients, who require fruit combinations to ...

 |  Puzzles for Kids Free

Bee Brilliant image

Bee Brilliant 1.50.1

Start buzzing around this amazing puzzle game!

Combine as many bees of the same color as possible in order to get enough points to pass each screen and ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Futurama: Game of Drones image

Futurama: Game of Drones

Embark on an adventure with the gang from Futurama!

Help Fry, Bender and other members of Planet Express to complete missions of Professor Farnsworth, ...

 |  Shape Game Free

aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free image

aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free 1.7.2

Get out of the maze as quickly as possible!

The aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free is an addictive skill game that tests your patience and skill to think ...

 |  Maze Game Free

Swing image

Swing 1.2

Choose the right time to jump or fall down hard!

Before you jump, do not forget to calculate the length of the rope!

 |  Jumping Games Free

Flip Water Bottle image

Flip Water Bottle 1.5

Master the flip and flip water-filled bottles!

Train your aim and precision in this fun skill game where your goal is to launch bottles as high as you ...

 |  Stress Relieving Games Free

Water Splash - Cool Match 3 image

Water Splash - Cool Match 3 1.4.3

Have fun with 4 different types of puzzles!

Match and pop at least 3 balloons of the same color to make a big Water Splash!

 |  Puzzles for Kids Free

Waldo & Friends image

Waldo & Friends 3.5.5

See if you can find Wally on your Android screen!

You have to find Waldo, his friends and other elements in different images to go on to the next level, ...

 |  Shape Game Free

Mind Games image

Mind Games 0.6.8

Stimulate your mind and brain with these games!

Developer: Alexey Khripkov
Categories: Puzzle Games, Simple Games, Skill Games, War Games, Word Games

 |  Battleship Games Free

Words On Tour image

Words On Tour 1.60

Solve hundreds of challenging word puzzles!

This is a letter puzzle game in which you must form words to achieve the required number of combinations ...

 |  Crosswords Puzzles Free

2 Cars image

2 Cars 1.0.4

Control two different cars at once and drive safely

You have to control two cars simultaneously, having to dodge all of the squares and simultaneously ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

Jolly Jam ® image

Jolly Jam ® 3.9

Match the jelly to progress through the levels.

You have to strategically match your jelly in a box and battle monsters to advance to the next level. ...

 |  Shape Game Free

Jewelry King image

Jewelry King 1.89

Combine the rarest royal gems in this match style game!

Ideal for those seeking an easy and intuitive sliding puzzle game.

 |  Bejeweled Free

Brain Games image

Brain Games 3.0

Put your mind to think

Mind Games is a game of reasoning in which you have to concentrate and use your memory to solve issues ...

 |  Focus Games Free

Mahjong Village image

Mahjong Village

Find the corresponding pairs to win at Mahjong!

Use all your focus to find pairs of matching tiles on the towers to eliminate them, pass the level and ...

 |  Matching Games Free

Lost in Harmony image

Lost in Harmony 2.1.4

Avoid obstacles by following the rhythm of the music!

You must help Kaito and Aya by traveling through their dreams on a skateboard, avoiding all kinds of ...

 |  Skateboard Games Free

Bullet Boy image

Bullet Boy 8

An amusing adventure with a cartoon cannonball

Bullet Boy is a skill game that requires quick reflexes, where the user's purpose is to help the little ...

 |  Focus Games Free

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