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War Storm: Clash of Heroes image

War Storm: Clash of Heroes 1.3.1

Fight evil to save what's left of your empire!

Travel to a medieval world where you have to build your own empire from scratch and overcome evil forces.

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Aralon: Forge and Flame RPG image

Aralon: Forge and Flame RPG 2.32

Enjoy a fun RPG with a great story & fantastic detail!

Android phones or tablets.

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Magic crush: match 3 gems image

Magic crush: match 3 gems 1.1.6

Match magic gems to create powerful spells!

Set in a magical world, this puzzle game sees you having to make combinations of three or more gems of ...

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Animation Throwdown: TQFC image

Animation Throwdown: TQFC

Join your favorite characters in this crazy card game!

In Animation Throwdown: TQFC, the player will have to gather cards with the most powerful characters ...

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Oz: Broken Kingdom™ image

Oz: Broken Kingdom™ 2.1.0

Recover Oz with help of its legendary heroes!

Travel through Oz to help Ophelia Shen restore glory to her kingdom.

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Save the princess in this retro style tapping game!

Become a hero and face an adventure full of dangers to defeat hundreds of enemies and save the princess.

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Monster Super League image

Monster Super League 1.0.17092608

Join the Monster Super League and catch Astromon

Explore a multitude of maps for Astromons, friendly monsters which are like Pokémon.

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ChooChoo Heroes image

ChooChoo Heroes 1.2.3

Enjoy a new twist on the RPG genre and begin your quest

Developer: Skonec Entertainment CO., LTD.
Categories: Android games, Role Playing Games

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Tap League image

Tap League 1.98

Restore the order of the League and vanquish the evil!

Developer: Yingjie Liu
Categories: Android games, Role Playing Games

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WoW Legion Companion image

WoW Legion Companion

Track your World of Warcraft quests from your Android!

Manage your games and missions from your phone.

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Saga Go image

Saga Go 1.0.3

Use your sword to slay the beasts!

Android smartphones and tablets.

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Asterix and Friends image

Asterix and Friends 1.4.9

Build a fantastic city in Asterix!

You'll have to travel to the Galia occupied by the Romans to take care of raising your own village with ...

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Sacred Legends image

Sacred Legends 1.1.11339

Only the chosen hero can save Ancaria from destruction!

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Smashy Olympus image

Smashy Olympus 1.1

Strive to defeat evil enemies attacking Olympus

Persuade the gods of Olympus to fight against the evil forces that want to dominate the world.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Tower Defense Magic TD image

Tower Defense Magic TD 1.0

Defend your territory and blow up the enemies

In this tower defense game, you have to attack enemies while building several structures to protect your ...

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D'Arrancar image

D'Arrancar 1.0.3

Card game that combines anime from Japan and Korea

A must for anyone who is a fan of anime and RPGs (Role Playing Games), D'Arrancar is a card game that ...

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Saber's Edge - Puzzle RPG image

Saber's Edge - Puzzle RPG 3.13.0

Lead a band of pirates to glory!

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

White Empire image

White Empire 1.0.4

Create lethal combos and show your skills!

You'll have to travel to a fantasy world where you need to create a group of heroes to go through ...

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Idle Monster:Non-stop image

Idle Monster:Non-stop 2.0.21

Become the master of monsters to prove your worth!

Challenge friends in this monstrous combat in which the goal is to advance your class to gain new skills.

 |  Monster Games Free

Crasher - MMORPG image

Crasher - MMORPG 1.0.0

Fight in real time in this MMORPG!

Enter a fantasy world where you can become a warrior, a killer, a magician, or an archer. Fight and ...

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Weed Firm 2: Back to College image

Weed Firm 2: Back to College 2.7.19

Cultivate & sell weed to build your empire!

Developer: Thumbspire
Categories: Android games, Role Playing Games

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Fantasy Forest: Summer Games image

Fantasy Forest: Summer Games 1.6.1

Explore a magical world full of fun and unicorns!

With charming characters and well-designed graphics, Fantasy Forest challenges you to participate in ...

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Final Fantasy is back with astonishing graphics!

Once again you'll have to immerse yourself in the Final Fantasy universe where you will become a hero ...

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Out There Chronicles - Ep. 1 image

Out There Chronicles - Ep. 1 1.0.3

An award-winning interactive game set in the future!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to venture into space with the Heroes from "Out There".

 |  Role Playing Games US$ 2.99

Slugterra: Guardian Force image

Slugterra: Guardian Force 1.0.3

Join Eli Shane in his mission to defeat the enemy!

You must travel to Slugterra where you have to help Eli Shane to form a team catapulting slugs order to ...

 |  Upgrade Skill Free

Demon Warrior image

Demon Warrior 3.6

Use your sword & techniques to defeat the Dark Dragon!

In this addictive RPG, each player must control a skillful samurai to defeat a terrible monster.

 |  War Games Free

Slash Mobs image

Slash Mobs

Stop mutant monsters and save the world

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Eldrian Legacy image

Eldrian Legacy 1.41

Fight for glory in a world of elfs, demons & champions!

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Guild of Honor : Guardians image

Guild of Honor : Guardians 1.02

Create an army of exceptional soldiers!

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Endless Chaos image

Endless Chaos 1.1.0

Take part in a league of heroes in this RPG+SLG game

Endless Chaos is an RPG with SLG elements that puts the user in charge of several heroes with your ...

 |  War Strategy Games Free

X-world image

X-world 1.0.3

Battle with players from over the world on your Android

This is an RPG set in a fantasy world in which you will join a team of four other heroes to fight online ...

 |  Upgrade Skill Free

Once Heroes image

Once Heroes 1.4.0

Find your inner hero in these spectacular 3D battles

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

SoulKing Global image

SoulKing Global 1.13.1

Time your attacks to win in this fun & exciting RPG!

Take a deep breath and fight for seven days without rest, evolving characters and unlocking more ...

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Combo Critters image

Combo Critters 1.3.1

Explore the universe & fight against different species!

Mix action and RPG and venture into space to capture alien monsters.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Kingdom of War image

Kingdom of War 1.5.1

Only the bravest will conquer the throne!

Android phones.

 |  War Games Free

Detective's Choice (Series) image

Detective's Choice (Series) 1.25

Help Jack Jericho save his client from death!

Take on the role of the detective Jack Jericho and use all your skills to help your desperate client to ...

 |  Role Playing Games Free

HIT image


Dominate your enemies to make them fear you!

Immerse yourself in a fantasy world where you have to become a hero and fight the forces of evil to ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

RPG Aurcus Online image

RPG Aurcus Online 2.3.11

Many exciting battles at your fingertips

Travel to the land of Levaria which has been invaded by the forces of evil and become a member of The ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Hit The JACKPOT : Idle Game image

Hit The JACKPOT : Idle Game 2.1.2

Become a millionaire playing the lottery!

Buy and scratch lottery tickets to try to get the biggest prizes so that your character becomes a ...

 |  Business Games Free

Epic Swords 2 image

Epic Swords 2 3.3

Use powerful swords to defeat terrible monsters!

You travel to a medieval world at war where you move through flaming castles to fight battles and end up ...

 |  Weapon Upgrades Free

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