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Angry Birds Evolution image

Angry Birds Evolution 1.12.0

The legendary Angry Birds are back with more action!

Collect and evolve over 100 Angry Birds while you protect the eggs from pigs.

 |  Angry Birds Game Free

Cheerleader Dance Off Squad image

Cheerleader Dance Off Squad 1.0.4

Join the cheerleader squad and become a pro!

Android smartphones.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Forge of Glory - Match3 MMORPG image

Forge of Glory - Match3 MMORPG 1.5.4

Battle against real players around the world!

Build your own fortress and create an army of heroes in a fantasy world. Explore dungeons and siege ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Buff Knight Advanced image

Buff Knight Advanced 1.0.2

A worthy RPG with 8-bit graphics!

Choose being either a warrior or a witch and use your magic or sword to battle all kinds of monsters.

 |  Upgrade Skill US$ 0.99

Make Cat Magic image

Make Cat Magic 4.3

Create your dream cat using magic!

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Magic Games Free

Clash of Revenger image

Clash of Revenger 1.0.1

An awesome RPG with the best Anime & Manga characters!

Travel to a fantasy world and form your team of heroes with characters from the manga movies and video ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Galaxy Clicker image

Galaxy Clicker 1.2.0

Battle in space with your spaceship!

Android phones or tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Ahri RPG image

Ahri RPG 2.0

Help Ahri escape from a crazy world in this unique RPG

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Friends Forever Stories image

Friends Forever Stories 1.1

Create your own story and see how it finishes

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest image

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest

Lead these heroes in an unforgettable puzzle adventure!

Transport yourself to a fantasy world where you have to biuld an empire, assemble a powerful army of ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Star Conflict Heroes image

Star Conflict Heroes 1.4.3

Become the commander of a fleet of spacecrafts!

Travel into space to become the commander of a fleet of spacecraft and travel the galaxy to defeat ...

 |  Weapon Upgrades Free

Hero Wars image

Hero Wars 1.15.2

Explore distant lands and become a legend!

Recruit powerful heroes to fight against a demon who wants to destroy the lands.

 |  War Games Free

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire image

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire 55116

Go on a legendary adventure & become a hero of this RPG

Developer: Rumble
Categories: Android games, Role Playing Games

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Shadowblood image


An RPG for Android with incredible graphics!

In Shadowblood you will travel through a fantasy world where you have to become a hero in combat, ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Tower Keepers image

Tower Keepers 1.7.2

Defend your tower with a powerful army

In Tower Keepers you have to form a powerful army of heroes to try to strategically defend your tower ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Summon Rush image

Summon Rush 2.8

Summon amazing creatures in intense card battles!

Summon Rush takes place in a fantasy world where you have to assemble together a team of heroes that are ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free



Amusing battles filled with humor!

In What The Hen! You have to defend your village using an army of funny characters. Your army will have ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

WitchSpring2 image

WitchSpring2 1.35

Help Luna carry out her magical journey!

Android phones or tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games US$ 3.99

Tactics Squad: Dungeon Heroes image

Tactics Squad: Dungeon Heroes 2.4.3

Master your strategy and defeat your enemies!

Master your stategy and obtain points in order to acquire weapons and upgrade your character in this ...

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Postknight image

Postknight 2.2.6

Help the knight complete his missions!

In Postknight you must control a little gentleman who you have to help deliver a message. You have to ...

 |  Upgrade Skill Free

Swords and Sandals 2 Redux image

Swords and Sandals 2 Redux 1.3.5

Fun gladiator combats on your Android

Categories: Android games, Role Playing Games

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Realm Grinder image

Realm Grinder 2.7.5

Explore new worlds in this RPG & plan your strategy

In Realm Grinder you have to create your own kingdom from scratch and try to make it grow to increase ...

 |  City Building Games Free

RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile image

RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile 1.11.5

Build your cool and terrifying roller coaster theme park

You have to create and manage an amusement park for which you have to build different buildings, balloon ...

 |  Business Games Free

The Dark RPG image

The Dark RPG 1.8.9

Dive into this magic RPG adventure!

Developer: Redzaam
Categories: Android games, Role Playing Games

 |  Role Playing Games Free



An RPG with your favorite One Piece characters!

Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Categories: Android games, Role Playing Games

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Creature Quest - Strategy RPG image

Creature Quest - Strategy RPG

Embark on an adventure & discover magical creatures!

In Creature Quest you must travel to a fantasy world to try to create a team of the most powerful ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

SWORD ART ONLINE:Memory Defrag image


Master the art of sword fighting in this RPG

Based on the popular Anime. Help Kirito, Asuna or Leafa survive in a virtual world full of enemies.

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Lucid Sky image

Lucid Sky 1.0.5

Assemble an unbeatable squad to save the planet!

Unravel the mystery surrounding the death of a major explorer, while fighting an intense battle against ...

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Bravium - Hero Defense RPG image

Bravium - Hero Defense RPG 1.3.4

Venture into this RPG with over 100 levels!

Destroy towers and kill enemies to save a mysterious civilization enslaved by monsters.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Final Clash: 3D FANTASY MMORPG image

Final Clash: 3D FANTASY MMORPG 1

An epic battle arena game for Android devices

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Raiders Quest RPG image

Raiders Quest RPG 1.6.10

Awesome RPG for lovers of the genre!

Immerse yourself in a world of magic and fantasy where you have to lead a team of heroes to try and ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Kids Emergency Doctor image

Kids Emergency Doctor 1.0.1

Take care of Molly while she's sick!

Take care of Molly, a cute girl with a sore throat, in this game for kids.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Heroes Evolved image

Heroes Evolved 1.1.15

Join a team of hereos & cooperate to defeat enemies!

Travel to a fantasy world where you have to become a hero fighting and taking sides in the war between ...

 |  Character Upgrade Free

Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game image

Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game 2.1.2

It's an adaptation of the board game in which you have to help solve crimes by finding out who's the ...

 |  Hidden Object Games US$ 4.99

War of Angels : Four Knights image

War of Angels : Four Knights 1.2.5

Take part in a war between the light & dark side!

Join the angels of light and save humanity from the forces of darkness.

 |  War Games Free

Castle Creeps TD image

Castle Creeps TD

Defend your towers and form powerful alliances!

Immerse yourslef in a fantasy world where you have to protect your kingdom with defensive towers and ...

 |  Weapon Upgrades Free

Heroes Realm - Strategy RPG image

Heroes Realm - Strategy RPG 1.0.2

Assemble a team and get ready to fight in this MMORPG!

Prepare your computer for an epic battle, where your mission is to reunify the world full of evil creatures.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Goddess:Primal Chaos - English image

Goddess:Primal Chaos - English 1.81.23

Travel through time & space to save the world!

Developer: koramgame
Categories: Android games, Role Playing Games

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Infernals - Heroes of Hell image

Infernals - Heroes of Hell 1.0.1

Fight dark demons in this post-apocalyptic MMORPG!

Android phones or tablets.

 |  Role Playing Games Free

Oceanhorn ™ image

Oceanhorn ™ 1.1.1

Embark in a magical journey to find your father!

In this RPG, you assume the role of a young man who goes in search of clues to unravel his father's ...

 |  Magic Games Free

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