Best Utilities apps for Android (857 applications)

Yansa - tracker for Whatsapp

Yansa - tracker for Whatsapp

Get statistics about your messenger accounts

Find out how much time you spend on social media. See your usage statistics and more.

 |  Manage Social Networks Free

GettInsta - Analyze Your Social Profile  APK

GettInsta - Analyze Your Social Profile

Everything you need to know about your Instagram account

Developer: GettInsta Social Smart
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

Package Disabler Pro [Samsung]  APK

Package Disabler Pro [Samsung]

How to uninstall pre-installed apps on Samsung device

Developer: policedeveloper
Categories: Battery, Memory Optimizer, Productivity , Tools , Utilities

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

WiFi Master Key -Pro & Fast  APK

WiFi Master Key -Pro & Fast

Now it's even easier to find free WiFi hotspots

WiFi Master Key is a multifunctional tool that not only manages the wireless network, but also optimizes ...

 |  Wifi Analyzer Free

Hackers Keylogger  APK

Hackers Keylogger

Find out every word typed on the Android keyboard!

Keeps track of every single keystroke tapped on your phone's keyboard.

 |  Mobile security Free

Aptoide  APK


Discover this Android market with free & safe APK files

This is a free application download platform that comes with an alternative to Google Play where you can ...

 |  Utilities Free

Kview Magic Mirror  APK

Kview Magic Mirror

Check notifications before you unlock your phone with this app

Kview Magic Mirror is an APK that mirrors the protective cover of some mobile devices such as day and ...

 |  Utilities Free

Lucky Patcher  APK

Lucky Patcher

Completely control your device by becoming a super-user

Gain the ability to control and modify all the apps you have installed on your phone.

 |  File Manager Free

App Store - iOS style  APK

App Store - iOS style

Explore the Play Store using an interface similar to Apple's

Developer: Vau studio
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Quick Settings, Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

QuickPanel Manager  APK

QuickPanel Manager

Customize the QuickPanel on your Samsung device with ease

Developer: Xperiacle Apps
Categories: Flashlight, Productivity , Quick Settings, Tools , Utilities

 |  Flashlight Free

Root External 2 Internal SD  APK

Root External 2 Internal SD

Gain more space by switching internal & external memory

With this space management tool, you can turn an external card into the main storage unit to free up ...

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

Ultra Game Booster ( BUG & LAG & FiXER & CPU &GPU)

Ultra Game Booster ( BUG & LAG & FiXER & CPU &GPU)

An app that will increase your device's performance for games

Developer: ultra game
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

Air Gesture Control  APK

Air Gesture Control

Now you can control Android by using air gestures!

The Air Gesture Control uses a system of gestures to allow control of the functions of the phone, just ...

 |  Remote Control Free

Clean Master Ultra - Clean and Boost

Clean Master Ultra - Clean and Boost

Remove junk files with just a few taps!

Interface in Spanish, English, Italian, French, German and Portuguese.

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

Play & Earn

Play & Earn

Now you can earn money while having fun!

Earn extra money using your Android device to complete various tasks and missions.

 |  Utilities Free

DD Free Dish Remote Control (36 in 1)  APK

DD Free Dish Remote Control (36 in 1)

Control your DVD from the comfort of your sofa with this remote control for all DVDs

Developer: Remote World
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities, Remote Control

 |  Remote Control Free

AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control  APK

AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control

Use this smart remote to control your TV

Transform your Android into a universal remote control for televisions.

 |  Remote Control Free

Superuser Elite

Superuser Elite

More features and safety for the superuser

Superuser Elite is a license package for Superuser. This package gives you access to additional features ...

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

Hola Free VPN  APK

Hola Free VPN

Speed ??up and improve your Internet!

Cheat the regional restrictions and surf anonymously to access applications and websites around the ...

 |  Utilities Free

MyScript Stylus (Beta)  APK

MyScript Stylus (Beta)

Type your notes with computer letters

This is a keyboard that will convert your handwriting into digital text. It does so in real time, so you ...

 |  Type Faster Free

Rebrawl Mods version for brawl stars  APK

Rebrawl Mods version for brawl stars

Play Brawl Stars with infinite resources & maps on Android

Developer: Fisherfuentesdevstore
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle, Productivity , Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

Best CTR Crash Team Racing ProTips  APK

Best CTR Crash Team Racing ProTips

Learn tricks for Crash Team Racing with this app

Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

200 battery life - Fast charger  APK

200 battery life - Fast charger

Save your battery life by disabling background apps

Categories: Battery, Battery LIfe, Productivity , Tools , Utilities

 |  Battery LIfe Free

Battery Repair (Doctor Boost)  APK

Battery Repair (Doctor Boost)

An app that allows you to monitor Android's battery

Battery Repair (Doctor Boost) is an app that calibrates your battery and promises to increase the length ...

 |  Battery Calibration Free

Fast gloo wall

Fast gloo wall

A must-have Android app that every gamer needs to check out

Fast gloo wall allows you to configure game controls for a comfortable mobile gaming experience.

 |  Remote Control Free

AirDroid | An AirPod Battery App

AirDroid | An AirPod Battery App

A must-have app for anyone who owns AirPods

Developer: mtauro
Categories: Android apps, Music, Productivity , Utilities, Battery

 |  Battery Free

Device Maintenance  APK

Device Maintenance

Keep your Android in working condition with this maintenance app

It is a virtual assistant for Samsung phones that allow you to know the performance of the device as ...

 |  Anti Malware Free

Moto Gametime

Moto Gametime

A must-have app if you play games on your Motorola phone

Developer: Motorola Mobility LLC.
Categories: Lifestyle, Productivity , Quick Settings, Tools , Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

Battery Calibration Pro 2018  APK

Battery Calibration Pro 2018

Now it's super easy to calibrate and optimize Android's battery

Developer: Dalton Brothers Apps
Categories: Battery, Battery Calibration, Productivity , Tools , Utilities

 |  Battery Calibration Free

TutuApp  APK


Get the most downloaded Android applications!

An alternative to the Play Store for apps and games. You'll find apps and games that have been blocked ...

 |  Utilities Free


MOGA Pivot

Companion app for the MOGA controllers for Android

MOGA Pivot allows you to synchronize a MOGA controller to your Android phone. This will allow you to ...

 |  Utilities Free

Android Market

Android Market

How to find thousands of apps on the Android Market

Manage installed apps and browse through over 150,000 Android apps and games.

 |  Market Free


Barcode KANOJO

Find the perfect virtual girlfriend!

Developer: CYBIRD
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Social , Utilities, Barcode

 |  Barcode Free

Shake Screen On Off PRO

Shake Screen On Off PRO

Gesture app that turns screen on or off by shaking movements!

Developer: FREEBOOKS
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Utilities, Remote Control

 |  Remote Control Free

RugeVPN - Safe VPN for privacy

RugeVPN - Safe VPN for privacy

Download RugeVPN to browse safely and privately across different countries

Developer: RugeVPN
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

Mobile Topographer Free  APK

Mobile Topographer Free

This is a GPS app which will increase its accuracy

Developer: StgrDev
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Utilities, Virtual Assistant, Location Based

 |  Location Based Free

XNSPY Dashboard  APK

XNSPY Dashboard

Manage all Android functions from a dashboard

XNSPY Dashboard allows you to monitor calls, text messages, and the GPS location of any Android mobile ...

 |  Parental Control Free

Optimus Root Memory Optimizer  APK

Optimus Root Memory Optimizer

This app will improve your battery life and system performance

Developer: Soapbox Apps
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities, Memory Optimizer

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

Screebl - Screen On/Off Sensor  APK

Screebl - Screen On/Off Sensor

Keep your screen on while using apps

Categories: Battery, Battery Saver, Productivity , Tools , Utilities

 |  Battery Saver Free

Audex: Accessibility Redefined  APK

Audex: Accessibility Redefined

Mange your smartphone's functions with custom controls

Developer: Akash Delight Computings
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities, Virtual Assistant

 |  Virtual Assistant Free

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