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Main features of PimEyes

App description:

PimEyes uses new technology based on facial recognition to allow users to find people anywhere in the world simply by scanning a photo, and is also useful for checking if someone is using your image without your permission.


The application uses a very efficient algorithm capable of scanning millions of images available on the Internet to identify similar photos in a few seconds by analysing the hair colour, the shape of the eyes and other features of the face.


It is also possible to add filters to get more accurate results, such as the location, the date and the size of the image. The interface is very easy to use and navigation is quick and straightforward.

How to use:

All the user has to do is take a photo or select one from the Android gallery and adjust the filters. The app then searches the web for similar images.


Interface available in English.


Perfect for finding out if someone is using your image on social media without your permission.


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User-friendly interface, suitable for all users.
It is equipped with cutting-edge technology.
It is an aid to the detection of fake profiles on the Internet.
It's quite versatile and is a powerful tool for investigative journalists and detectives.


It is not 100% accurate, in other words, many images are not identical even though they are similar.
The free version is very limited.
Not everyone wants their image to be searched for on the Internet.

Useful Tips

To get more precise results, it is worth adding filters when searching.
By activating the location filter, the user can see exactly where the person is using the scanned photo.
The user must create a free account to access all the features available in the basic version.
If you have any problems or difficulties with the application, please contact PimEyes technical support for assistance.