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Main features of Facebook

App description:

Facebook is a social networking application that allows users to manage Facebook directly from their mobile device.


The application lets the user update his profile, share pictures and videos, visit the profile of friends, receive notifications, send messages and chat.

How to use:

The user requires a Facebook account; the application offers widgets on the home screen for easy access.


Multi language: English, Spanish, Italian, French ...


13 years and older


Google Play, iOS Store.


Varies with device

Operating System:





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Developer´s description

Do you like Facebook?

316 Votes / 296 Likes


Organized interface and simple navigation.
Lets the user send images, links, texts and other resources.
Lets the user enjoy photos and comment them.
Displays messages in the format appropriate for screen of the user's smart phone or tablet.


Can't share links and videos with other users.
Slow performance.

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