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Due to the popularity of social networks, it is easy to connect to people with similar interests. DesiRulez is also an online forum community where you can connect with people from your own hobbies, subjects and fields of interest in life. Connect & maintain discussions on the same subjects.


On the DesiRulez platform, you can access links to different forums, log into your account, respond to comments, send messages or even share & watch videos of similar interests. The platform is also moderated for inappropriate content, comments & videos. Simply connect with users globally.


On DesiRulez, you can enter different forums, browse trending movies & series, explore popular games, listen to official soundtracks, learn Photoshop tutorials, gain access to Pay Per View events and even download the best content for entertainment with streaming options.

How to use:

You start by signing up on the official DesiRulez website. Once you have signed up, you can use the same website login credentials to log into the mobile app & participate in all kinds of accessible forums.


English interface.


Best suited to forum fans such as Reddit, Steam, Quora etc. 



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No payment is required to access all the upgrades. Free

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The minimum memory space and Android OS required 0.


The TOP 1 Most popular App in Public Forum category.


The TOP 1 Most downloaded App in Public Forum category.

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You can log in with your same DesiRulez account.
More than 1000 series and free TV shows.