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I love using flexible and lightweight apps.
I'm a huge fan of my S5, especially for playing at the weekend .
When I'm away from screens, I enjoy going to pubs

"The fastest and easiest to use browser on your smartphone"

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Main Features of Google Chrome to Phone

  1. App description: With Google Chrome, phone users can send links, texts and other files from their smartphone to their desktop quickly and conveniently.
  2. How to use: To use the app you must have a Google account and install the app twice: once in the smartphone and another on the desktop.
  3. Controls: Although less intuitive, commands are performed through gestures that streamline the process.
  4. Languages: English.
  5. Recommendations: People looking for a free browser for their Android device.
  6. Platform: Android phones and tablets.
  7. Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher.
  8. Size: 187k
  9. Operating System: Android
  10. Recomendations: The app content is moderate and child-friendly.
  11. Price details: No in-app purchases required. Free
  12. Installation requirements: A minimum of 187k of free memory space and Android 2.2 or higher.

POSITIVE about Google Chrome to Phone

  1. It respects the user's selection (by default), opening links through their browsers.
  2. You can sync all Android devices, for example, when opening the site on your smartphone you can also see it from the tablet.
  3. It is the main Android browser, so it comes pre-installed.
  4. Lets you save favorite websites directly from the home screen.

NEGATIVE about Google Chrome to Phone

  1. It uses a considerable amount of RAM.
  2. It is not compatible with Adobe Flash.

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Just needs phone to PC for perfection!


Sweet It works like a dream

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