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"Edit APK files directly on your Android "

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Main Features of APK Editor

  1. App description: APK Editor is a tool for amateur or professional programmers who want to edit APK files directly on the Android device.
  2. Functions: The app is for editing APK files. For example, removing ads, replacing images, changing interface layout, etc.
  3. How to use: No rooting required. However, a little programming experience is recommended in order to make changes.
  4. Controls: Just tap or swipe the screen to select different functions and check the content.
  5. Platform: Google Play.
  6. Size: 9.08 MB
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Developer:   SteelWorks
  9. Recomendations: The app content is moderate and child-friendly.
  10. Price details: No payment is required to access all the upgrades. Free
  11. Installation requirements: A minimum of 9.08 MB of free memory space and Android 3.1 or higher.

POSITIVE about APK Editor

  1. Simplified and organized touch interface.
  2. Allows you to make various changes to APK files.
  3. Provides examples that teach you how to make changes.

NEGATIVE about APK Editor

  1. Many failures occurred after the last update.

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Good It's a good app


Thnx so much

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