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Main Features of BreakFree Cell Phone Addiction

App description:

It lets you know whether you are connected to your mobile device, since it calculates the time you spend using or checking the phone.


It shows graphics with mobile usage statistics, both with respect to calls and with the apps you use most and their daily frequency.


Lets you disable Internet or call reception to combat addiction, and can be installed in the mobile of children and youth to control their phone use.


Interface in English.


Ideal for those who want to know how much time they devote to their mobile device.


Android phones and tablets.


Android 2.3 or later.


16 MB

Operating System:




The app content is moderate and child-friendly.


Includes paid features. Free

Installation requirements:

A minimum of 16 MB of free memory space and Android 2.3 or higher.


The TOP 1 Most downloaded applications in Virtual Assistant category.

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POSITIVE about BreakFree Cell Phone Addiction

Fast and lightweight app.
Very handy to know whether you're hooked.
Attractive and easy-to-use interface.
It offers lots of statistics.

NEGATIVE about BreakFree Cell Phone Addiction

Lacks a version in more languages.

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